30 November 2009

COPPED: Vintage Houston Rockets 1995 NBA Finals Tee

Shout out to George Young!

29 November 2009

Pac Div: Whiplash

We really like these cats!

SNL Digital Short: On the Ground

UNKO ♥'s Andy Sandberg

27 November 2009


The ENTIRE site is on sale... In an unprecedented move we've taken 50% off of EVERYTHING for you, our loyal fans. But you better act fast, because the sizes and quantities are SUPER limited. And at the stroke of midnight on Sunday, it's ALL over. Why fight the crowds when you can shop online? Happy Shopping! And try not to get killed out there this weekend.

25 November 2009

Lupe Fiasco Enemy of the State: A Love Story Mixtape


Jeremy Biggers rants about "Thanksgiving"

ThanksTAKING from Unkommon Kolor on Vimeo.

Twitter Tuesday 2

We decided to go out and support our girl Jonnell last night for another installment of Twitter Tuesday.
Twitter Tuesday 2

COPPED: UNDRCRWN Coming To America Tee

EASILY my favorite movie of all time! HAD to cop this one, even though that may mean I won't have money for gas in a week or so!

Maroon 5 Concert

Unfortunately, I couldn't get my camera in to the show so I was forced to only shoot with my phone. Do you realize how EPIC these would have been if I could have gotten my camera in? Shout out to anyone out there that can get me press passes to future concerts in the DFW!

Slaughterhouse: Microphone

We f#@ks with Slaughterhouse. The video is decent, but it's one of our favorite tracks on the album so we HAD to post it.

23 November 2009

Maestro Knows – Photographer Jonathan Mannion

Maestro Knows - NYC Edition (Jonathan Mannion) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Spongebob+ Closeups

Blue and Biggs. We did these random sketches a while ago. Just thought they should be posted together. I really like these joints.

Get $#!+ Done Monday!!!


22 November 2009

Athena battling Alkyoneos Fitted

This detail from the gigantomachy frieze shows Athena grabbing the hair of the giant Alkyoneos as Nike flies to crown her, and is a quotation from the Athena on the Parthenon’s east pediment. This was painted on a custom fitted donning a fist holding a thunderbolt symbolizing Zeus and Athena and the power they weild. Since Athena was born by springing forth from Zeus' forehead after he swallowed her pregnant mother, it was only fitting we put a painting of this sculpture on a fitted... Painted by Sam... with the Hair as a final project in her Art History class... See, we REALLY do this art thing around here.

21 November 2009

Eddie Murphy: Carl Lewis

Fitz and the Tantrums: Winds of Change

This was the opening act for Maroon 5 last night... They are pretty dope! And you can download the EP for free on their website! Who doesn't like free when good music is involved... legally. www.fitzandthetantrums.com

19 November 2009

Fur Face Boy x Sho Gun Series 2 Release Video

Fur Face Boy X Sho Gun X UNKO from Unkommon Kolor on Vimeo.

18 November 2009

Twitter Tuesdays

We went out to network with a few of our friends from Twitter. Shout out to Jonnell, Chastity, Sammie, and Mesha who hosted last night's event. Also shout out to the homie Chris from Chrisp Images who was also in the building (he taught me everything I know about photography). Shout out to all the new friends we met last night. Good times. Follow us on Twitter! @unkommonkolor

Married to the Mob Holiday 09

Fumbles Mcgee would be proud.

17 November 2009

Clipse feat. Cam'Ron: Popular Demand (Popeyes)

Beyonce featuring Lady Gaga : Video Phone (extended remix)

16 November 2009

Fur Face Boy x Sho Gun Series 2 Release

ShoGun x Fur Face Boy

We ♥ our fans!!!

Shout out to the homie Dominica Stewart for her UNKO doodles...
We ♥ our fans!!!

15 November 2009

Obey Times Square

from: gotocentre's blog

UNKO Sighting!!!

Our friend Tom Thompson donning the UNKO Pacman Make it Rain tee, with the Nike Pacman SB's. Allow me to let you in on a little secret... you see, Tom here has been an avid shoe collector (see: Sneaker Head) since the 70s. He's been collecting since before most of us have even been alive. He owns EVERY pair of Vans ever made. His collection contains limited and rare shoes that most of us have only seen online. Long story short, his sneaker collection is $#!++ing on yours and 5 of your closest friends.

We still have a few sizes left, but you better hurry

14 November 2009

Escape From Tomorrow

Escape From Tomorrow (A Day In the Life With Nigel Sylvester) from 13thWitness™ on Vimeo.

Michael Jordan’s “Last Shot” Recreated in NBA 2K10

Santigold and Dancers Speed Painting

Santigold (formerly Santogold) and her dancers. Speed Painting done by UNKO's The REAL Jeremy Biggers

Santigold and Dancers Speed Painting from Unkommon Kolor on Vimeo.

13 November 2009

and the Winner is...

With an resounding 22 votes out of a possible 39, Entry #3 is our winner.

This Prince drawing was done by UNKO artist/designer Sam... with the hair. The process for this piece is A LOT more involved than you may think. This ENTIRE piece started off as a black rectangle. The lights and darks you see in the image are different pressure erasures. Yes... she did this all with an eraser. This is a process known as "REDUCTION", and is most often associated with charcoal drawings in the real world. In Laymen's terms, instead of drawing on white paper/canvas with a darker medium (ie. pencil, pen charcoal), this process forces you to do the opposite. She was drawing on the dark with white so to speak. See now doesn't that make this piece more impressive? Congrats Sam... with the hair, you have carved out your place in UNKO history by winning the first UNKO Challenge.

09 November 2009

The UNKO Challenge: Vote Now

As promised here are the pieces from the first ever UNKO Challenge. Each participant was limited to using only the Wacom and reference images if needed. We've decided in an attempt to keep voting honest, no one was allowed to use any distinguishable markings, names, or designer's likenesses in their pieces. (After all you're voting for the image NOT the person that created the image.) Also try to keep the voting based on imagery NOT the person in the image. Leave your vote in the comments section. Click the image if you need a larger view. The winner gets nothing more than bragging rights but what artist doesn't like to brag?! So choose wisely.

*EDIT: If the CAPTCHA is not showing a field to enter anything, click the CAPTCHA image and drag it down or press the "tab" key on your keyboard until you see the entry field*

Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3

Entry #4

08 November 2009


UNKO Kiss and Tell from Unkommon Kolor on Vimeo.

Get yours now! http://www.unkommonkolor.com/shop

07 November 2009

The Power RANGER Fitted

One of the most cheesy shows of our collective childhood was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. However that doesn't change it's nostalgic value. Do you remember how excited you were you found out they were making a movie? We do, and that's why we decided to paint the Power Rangers movie poster on a Texas Rangers New Era 59/50. This hat is a brand new, never worn, size 7 1/2 and has not been sold. This is one of those rare times where we paint a fitted just because it's a dope idea, not because it's been requested. So, what does that mean to you? This hat can be yours! Shoot us a message info@unkommonkolor.com if you are interested in copping this one of a kind Power Rangers Fitted.

06 November 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 "Til I Collapse" Trailer

How could this be any more epic?!!? It couldn't, that's how.

Curren$y- Life Under the Scope

Shout out to the Homie Curren$y

05 November 2009

UK Muah... on sale now!!!

UK Muah!!

Have you been kissed yet?
Get Yours Now!!!

04 November 2009

Unkommon Kolor and Bryan Blue Featured...

Unkommon Kolor and Blue the Great featured in Interview

03 November 2009

More Inspiration...

December Air from BUTTER FILMS on Vimeo.


Stuff like this is just SOME of the stuff that inspires us...

skate - shot on red #1347 - 120 fps from Opus Magnum Production on Vimeo.


Wow, we haven't posted these yet?!!? Ah well, with Halloween in the books, these photos would have been more appropriate over the weekend, but as the saying goes, better late than never right? Here are some of the better costumes we saw this weekend.

The Rescession Ninja. He was actually handing out resumes, and his contact info was on throwing stars.

Pee-Wee... considering the "pervert" past, maybe you should lay off the women's cosmetics.

UNKO's The REAL Jeremy Biggers and Sam... with the hair as Krusty and Side Show Bob.

It's the miggity-miggity-miggity-miggity-mac-daddy

The Muppets Swedish Chef. BORK BORK BORK.

Found her!!! That was VERY underwhelming... I was honestly expecting it to be more difficult.

It's the CAP'N!! Might be the best homemade costume EVER!

The guy got in to the club... but I didn't.

Gotta catch em all!

and this year's winner for the most AWESOME costume.... EVER!!! B Jones for his Andre 3000: Roses costume. CAROLINE!!!