30 December 2009

COPPED: Mishka Fitted

I'm becoming a HUGE fan of the Mishka brand... the details on their fitteds are second to none!

Houston Sneaker Summit: the Video

UNKO at Houston Sneaker Summit from Unkommon Kolor on Vimeo.

29 December 2009

Houston Sneaker Summit

H-Town Snkr Smt

I didn't know "Trendy Asian" came in Toddler

Sore Losers Show: Christmas @ the Lounge


28 December 2009

Sore Losers featured on Dallas Observer

Top 40 Best Songs in Dallas Music, 2009: Celebrating @SoreLosers' "Bizarre Celebrations (@FizzyDinoPop remix)" at No. 4.

26 December 2009

UK Headed to the H!

Pics coming soon+sneaker summit

24 December 2009

D*ck in a Box

After posting that last video by "Shy Ronnie" we felt it was appropriate to post this considering what today is...

Shy Ronnie

23 December 2009

Forever Young Jay-z ft. Mr, Hudson

Whataburger Tuesday 12:34am

COPPED: Mishka Fitted

COPPED: Nike SB Dunk "Mosquito"

22 December 2009

Hardly Working Rap Battle

I remember seeing this dude on House a few months ago... he's something like a BEAST! And this is just another reason why I'm NOT a battle rapper... i would have had to punch him in the teeth after this...

9five Eyewear commercial

This is what I dream of. I need this Camera! Concept of this commercial is simple but done very professionally. Beautiful

9five Eyewear 2009 Lookbook from Mike Metcalf on Vimeo.

Sore Losers Show

Sore Losers Show on Christmas

It Ain't Fair 2009 Exhibition Miami, FL

Ring Pops on white wall with dripping candy...


20 December 2009

Operation: Shindig Day2

Operation: Shindig Day 2

Lego cigarettes, lighter, and ashtray

Operation: Shindig Day1

An impromptu shindig so EPIC, it needed two nights and two different locations. Day 1
Operation Shindig Day 1

COPPED: Nike Air Zoom Flight Five B

What's the one thing you always wanted as a kid but were never able to get, and you promised yourself that no matter what, when you got older you'd have that "thing"? Well the Nike Air Zoom Flight Five B are that "thing" for me. I'm not sure I'll ever wear these, but just to say I own them is enough for me...

Lupe vs Kobe & Lebron

19 December 2009


Apple: Think Different

Older Apple ad, but the sentiment is STILL true.

Alice in Wonderland

17 December 2009

Iron Man 2 Trailer

16 December 2009

Twitter Tuesday

Twitter Tuesday

15 December 2009

Pacman Fitted

Another Pacman accessory to match the Nike Pacman SBs requested by the homie Mini Nose Morgan. Painted by UNKO's Sam... with the Hair, fresh off her "Wacom Competition" Victory Tour.

14 December 2009

Haileys Sore Losers Show

Free Loaders!!

12 December 2009

Afternoon Delight.

11 December 2009

Kid Cudi: Pursuit of Happiness

09 December 2009

UNKO Kanye Glow in the Dark Tour Fitted

07 December 2009

Sore Losers Presents: Free Loaders The Soundtrack

Get the Sore Losers new EP "Sore Losers presents: Free Loaders the Soundtrack" exclusively HERE on http://unkommonkolor.blogspot.com
Sore Losers presents: Free Loaders the Soundtrack
Track List:
1) The Deadly Intro
2) 8587 (Birthday)
3) 1000 Zombies Marching
4) Black Sheep
5) Dope
6) Cooler Than Coach K (ft. Blue The Great)
7) Skit 1 - Berries N Cream
8) Favorite (ft. George Young)
9) Everywhere We Go (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
10) Super Villian Music (ft. CaLaura)
11) Audio Bio
12) Skit 2 - Queef Action
13) As I Wander
14) Free Loaders
15) Loner Daze
16) Bullseye
17) Weekend Warrior (Interlude)
18) Je Suis Le Vent (ft. Killa MC)
19) Solutions
20) The Epic Outro

05 December 2009

Midnight Downtown Photoshoot

After last week's Twitter Tuesday as we were driving home we decided to stop downtown and do a mini photoshoot. Here are the results of that decision.

I think we may be onto something... more to come VERY soon!

04 December 2009

The INFAMOUS Facebook picture

Last year at this time we working on a calendar with Traffic Boutique shooing the lovely Ajia Nicole (Halle Berry video). We had a blast shooting with her and towards the end of the shoot, Blue the Great jokingly (and secretly serious) asked if it would be ok for him to sit on her lap like a little kid asking Santa for his heart's desires. She obliged him. We took the photo. Once the edited proofs were sent off, Blue posted the "Santa" picture as his main Facebook profile... a few hours later he found that his Facebook account had been deleted, by the Facebook administration. It took more than 3 weeks to reactivate his account. Here's to getting people booted off social networking sites!

and here's the actual shot used for the calendar

Merry CHRISTMAS!!! It's less than 3 weeks away you know...

Broadway Shouts Out Unkommon Kolor

UNKO Kanye West Graduation Fitted

03 December 2009

UNKO Broadway Fitted

This was painted for our boy Broadway... He's an AMAZING singer. Go over and check out his stuff!!