02 November 2009

The UNKO Challenge

One of the quirky things about artists/athletes/ and musicians is that we all in our own minds feel that when we're in a zone, there is no one better, no matter how true/untrue that may be. And sometimes events come along that allow us to showcase our abilities and allow an outside party to determine who the best is for themselves. A contest is one such event. Allow us to give you backstory on this challenge.

Last week one of our intern designers, Eric "Senior Blanco" to be exact, walked into the Twitter arena with white silk gloves in hand, and slapped Blue the Great and I (the REAL Jeremy Biggers) with the double duel slap for the whole world to see. His exact words "@unkommonkolor @bluethegreat....i am on the wacom....you should be nervous....", "@unkommonkolor.....its your own fault!!! you guys brought this war upon yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!" , "@unkommonkolor......this is gonna get ugly...like tyrone hill, anthony mason ugly...." We decided to open the challenge up to everyone else on the team as well and make it an all out "Smash Bros" type brawl. Besides, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone... except that one time at summer camp, but they said they would drop the charges.

The stipulations are simple. We all work on Wacom digital paintings of any subject matter using only the Wacom and Photoshop. No vectors. No photo-manipulations. We will post our entries on Thursday, you all will vote on the best piece. We announce the winner on Monday. Pretty straight forward. Once we get in a few of these contests under our belt we will open the contest to the public and allow you all to challenge us... This should be fun. Stay tuned, and be sure to vote starting Thursday!

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