27 March 2009

Official Trailer: Where the Wild Things Are

Tell me you remember this book!!!


24 March 2009

Complex Kanye Cover

Via: Complex.
“The magazine officially hits stands on April 7, but you can check out the full story now, along with the futuristic photo shoot, co-created with photographer/director Chris Milk. How did we make the hi-tech computer generated imagery? Watch the video below to see the whole process…”

23 March 2009

Unkommon Kolor: Saved by The Bell Dunks

We here at Unkommon Kolor feel that in the late 80's and early 90's there weren't many people cooler than Zack Morris. No babes hotter than Lisa Turtle. And no geek nerdier than Screech. Jesse, Slater, and Kelly were all pretty dope too. So, in honor of one of our favorite childhood shows, we present the "Saved By the Bell Dunk" painted by The REAL Jeremy Biggers on a women's 8.5 Nike Dunk. For sale! Contact us for purchasing info and price. unkommonkolor@gmail.com

22 March 2009

Consquence feat Kid Cudi: Buggin Out 09

Asher Roth: Lark on my Go-Cart

18 March 2009

Oren Lavie: Her Morning Elegance

17 March 2009

Unkommon Kolor: LeBron Chalk Fitted

We are all witnesses. Who's better than LeBron James? Kobe? Maybe. D-Wade? Some convincing points could definitely be made. Point is, LeBron is among the NBA elite. He was a millionaire before he went to prom. He's graced the covers of countless magazines. He has his own Nike shoe. He hangs out with Jay-Z. He's been to the NBA Finals. He's won a Gold Medal. This season he's leading his Cavs with MVP caliber numbers. In a lot of ways Unkommon Kolor is a carbon copy of LeBron James, and by "in a lot of ways Unkommon Kolor is a carbon copy of LeBron James", I mean, "not many ways at all". LeBron is one of the best at what he does. Unkommon Kolor is ALSO one of the best at what it does. We bring to you the Unkommon Kolor LeBron Chalk Fitted painted by The REAL Jeremy Biggers on a Mitchell and Ness Cavaliers hat. See, us claiming to be something like LeBron isn't so funny after all is it?

16 March 2009

Get $#!+ Done Monday 03.16.09

I'm tired, so I'll probably just post the pictures in the morning... I'm going to bed!

10 March 2009

Pretty Effin Dope Trailer

03 March 2009

Unkommon Kolor featured in Dallas Examiner

Recently (see earlier tonight) UK was featured on the Dallas Examiner website.  How cool is THAT?!?!?  Only up from here!!! Tell your friends!  Tell some strangers!  Tell anyone who'll listen.  The store is open!  We still have stuff available.  But you have to act fast if you plan to score any of it.