28 October 2010

Published Photographer... again

It's time for UNKO's Jeremy Biggers to add "published photographer" to his resume again...

UNKO Sighting!!!

DOPE. Not sure where they got the "Fly in the Hand" sticker made... but I want one! I'm seriously considering a "sticker collage" on my Macbook...

True Story

I don't get sad often... I think applies more so to "self doubt" for me.


This is one of those times when I see something, that I wish I had done first.

UNKO Sighting!!!

Photo taken by Efani Allah Ufondu. Model: Syreeta. Unkommon Kolor Hermes Adidas

27 October 2010

UNKO sighting!!!

This is a pretty dope photo...

UNKO sighting!!!

From the long time Unkommon Kolor supporter @msziggysunshine Next time we gotta get you one that fits.

Brett Favre's new Wranglers ad

26 October 2010

Sore Losers x Nice Guys show

Sore Losers x Nice Guys

25 October 2010

LeBron "Rise" Nike commercial

24 October 2010

Kanye West: Runaway film

23 October 2010

Texas Rangers win the ALCS!!!

The Texas Rangers win the ALCS and are headed to the World Series for the first time in team history!

22 October 2010

UNKO is now @Centre & @Shogun

And of course it's still available on our site www.theunko.com

20 October 2010

Rangers vs Yankees ALCS: Game 2


The Ryan Express Snapback

CLASSIC Nolan Ryan photo displaying the bloody lip Ryan sustained, after taking a Bo Jackson line drive hit to the face in the second inning. Proving the Ryan Express couldn't be stopped, Ryan refused to leave the game and pitched through the 7th inning. 20 years later here is that legendary image on a snapback done to show support of the historic post season the 2010 Rangers are having.

For Sale.

19 October 2010


Texas Rangers 3rd Baseman Michael Young and Pro Chef Bobby Flay

18 October 2010

Sore Losers featuring Nice Guys

17 October 2010


This weekend we went paintballing... While it's fun... it's painful. We were were supposed to be playing other beginners, but these fools were MARKSMEN... There is NO WAY I could go to a REAL war and replace the paintballs with bullets. I'll just stick to Call of Duty.

Banned Kanye Album Cover

Real life Chucky...

...this is just slightly creepy.

14 October 2010

Jay-Z talks REAL $#!+

Kari as Lola Bunny

After months of determining whether or not I wanted to post this, I finally decided it was worth seeing... despite how creepy it is.

13 October 2010

HATE TV UNKO x CNTR coverage

H.A.T.E. TV UNKOxCentre from Phillip Thompson on Vimeo.

UNKO x CNTR: End of Summer Games Photos

In case you missed our event this weekend, here are the photos.
UNKO x CNTR: End of Summer Games

12 October 2010

Texas Rangers WIN ALDS!!!

Texas Rangers advance in the post season for the first time in team history.

Curren$y x Big KRIT: Smoker's Club Tour @ Curtain Club in Dallas

Curren$y x Big KRIT @ Curtain Club in Dallas

Call of Duty: Black Ops Single Player TRAILER!!!

11 October 2010

Big Sean x Centre x Matrimoney x ScoreMore

Big Sean x Centre x Matrimoney x ScoreMore

Unkommon Kolor in it's first Music video

Long time Unkommon Kolor supporter @whiteboyboogie featured in GS Boys (Stanky Leg) new video, wearing the UNKO Season 2 "93 Flyers" and "Fuckin' Clones" tees.

Unkommon Kolor goes to the Fair


UNKO Season 2 printed catalog

Stanford vs USC: Andrew Luck (QB) vs. Shareece Wright (DB)

10 October 2010

Happy 10/10/10