29 September 2009

VIDEO: Centre's Depressingly Awesome End of Summer BBQ

Centre's Depressingly Awesome End of Summer BBQ from Unkommon Kolor on Vimeo.

28 September 2009

PHOTOS: Centre's Depressingly Awesome End of Summer BBQ

Centre Depressingly Awesome End of Summer BBQ

Monday Morning Laughs

Let's get this Monday morning (and week) started right with a laugh (at someone else's expense). LMAO at her bag rolling down behind her.

27 September 2009

"You too Close"

THIS IS INSANE! There is no way I would be out here on purpose! But it makes for a cool photo and video opportunity!

From artist silverdragon on DeviantArt
You too close

The reason for the low approach and incredible close action is because this is the shortest commercial runway (almost 8 thousand ft) that the 747 lands in the world. Also, because the end of the runway features so close to a main road and beach, makes it popular for tourists and aviation nuts as well.

From Wiki:

Incoming airplanes approach the island on short final for Runway 9 flying low over the famous Maho Beach. At any other airport aircraft fly at the same altitude at that point in the approach, but other airports don't have a beach, road and a fence just beyond the runway end. Pictures of low flying aircraft were published in several news magazines worldwide in early 2000 and looked so unreal that some were even disputed as fakes. The thrilling approaches and ease of access for shooting spectacular images made the airport one of the world's favorite places among planespotters. To meet changing international and local regulations a 150 meter safety extension was required.

Operation: Twitter Trending Topic

Today we are going to attempt to create a trending topic, and we're going to need your help along with any of your twitter friends to make that happen. The topic will be #witchaweakass. Just some QUICK examples of how to use this phrase... "You are the only person that calls yourself the Nickname you also gave yourself #witchaweakass", or "You think Swaggsurfing is a sport. And you are the Star Quaterback... #witchaweakass" or "You say you holding paper,but I think its just a mead notebook #witchaweakass". Got it? Let's get this started and see how well we do!!!

24 September 2009

COPPED: Timex 80 Jumbo

Another Milestone

We told you at the beginning of the month that September was going to be HUGE for us. And with your help, we have now officially outdone every other month this blog has been in existence. The numbers of you that visit the blog are growing, and you all have EVERYTHING to do with that. So, the moral of the story, keep giving us a reason to do what we do, and we will continue to be the best we can be. Go tell some friends and $#!+

TiRon: Throwing my Money

Since we met him at Kixpo back in July, his Ketchup Mixtape has been in heavy rotation on iTunes! This song is one of the reasons why.

23 September 2009

Unkommon Kolor Store is LIVE!!!

The quickstrikes have been added to the Unkommon Kolor store! Ready for purchase NOW!!


Designed to coordinate with the Nike Dunk Pacman SBs. If you were one of the few people that got your hands on the shoes, you NEED this shirt!!! Be sure to check the Unkommon Kolor store NOW to ensure that you get yours!


Video games have come a long way since the days of Nintendo systems. But you have to respect your history! You couldn't get "Fight Night" without first having "Mike Tyson's PunchOUT" And this is our ode to the ultimate "underdog" video game! Be sure to check the Unkommon Kolor store NOW to ensure that you get yours!


We're gearing up for our biggest season to date, but it's still going to take a little time before we're ready to release it to you. And since it won't be completely ready until late FALL/early WINTER we'll be dropping very limited (only 24 of each design) quickstrikes to tide you over until everything else is ready. Since they are SO limited we're giving you a heads up before they are actually on the site, to make it fair for everyone. Be sure to check the Unkommon Kolor store NOW to ensure that you get yours!

First up is the Ladies UK. Printed on soft, 100% Sheer Jersey cotton, this shirt is perfect for layering or wearing alone.

22 September 2009

Old Spice: Different Scents for different Gents

Get $#!+ Done Month: So Fresh

During the 90s who was "fresher" than the Fresh Prince? Ok... you have a point with the Zack Morris, but who else? EXACTLY!
so FRESH!!!

21 September 2009

Jeremy Enigk: Mind Ideas

Now that we have our own little camera we hope to be making lots of "nothing" videos like the one we posted last night. Seeing stuff like this makes us want to step our game up... We will.

Mind Idea OFFICIAL Video from Eric Ulbrich on Vimeo.

Skate day out

Skate day out from Unkommon Kolor on Vimeo.

20 September 2009

Get $#!+ Done Month: Prince Akeem

Anyone that knows The REAL Jeremy Biggers knows that Coming to America is easily his favorite movie of all time. You knew this was coming... PSCS3 + Wacom Tablet. 2hrs. Reference used.

Bark like a dog...

19 September 2009

1,000 Tweets

Here's to the next 1,000 and beyond!!!

Follow us!!!



Social Networking

Social Networking

18 September 2009

Coldplay- Strawberry Swing

This video is amazing... Shit must have took forever

The REAL Jeremy Biggers' Birthday Shindig

We just realized we hadn't posted photos from last weekend. We had a small get together at the house for The REAL Jeremy Biggers' birthday. Nothing too major.
The REAL Jeremy Biggers' Birthday Shindig

Jihad Shrimp... LOL

LOL. We were eating at one of our favorite Chinese buffets/sushi bar and saw these shrimp that looked like they had bombs strapped to their chests... couldn't resist positioning the other food in hostage formation.
Where are TEAM AMERICA WORLD POLICE when you need them?

17 September 2009

Get $#!+ Done Month: "I finally have the KRABBY PATTY formula!!!""


Get $#!+ Done Month: "He's been trying to steal me formula for years.."

Mr Krabs in KAWS style.

16 September 2009

Get $#!+ Done Month: "JELLYFISH!!!!!"

Patrick Starfish done in KAWS style.JELLYFISH!!!

Pac Div: Pac Div

Dope song from the "Church League Champion" mixtape...

Carter Cartier- Legal Trappin

Shout out to Dom, Carter, And Mr. Rogers.
Click to Download

15 September 2009

Jay on Letterman. (funny)

Making of the Blueprint 3 cover

So I wasn't really impressed with the cover too much cause I assumed it was Photoshop... but it wasn't... none of it. Not even the red stripes... just watch!

Unkommon Kolor Bow Ties & Fall Sneak Peak

Unkommon Kolor Bow Tie

As promised last week, Arif the Scientist bringing you Unkommon Kolor Bow Ties & a sneak peak at some of our Fall Pieces. It's going to be crazy I tell you!

14 September 2009

Get $#!+ Done Month: "SPONGEBOOOOBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!"

Squidward in KAWS style.

COPPED: Snapbacks on deck!!!

In our journeys we've come across some pretty dope snapbacks and since we're pretty fashion forward we decided to cop them. These are all dead stock and have the original tags straight 90's style. Maybe for the right price we'd be willing to give them up. Maybe not. Send us an e-mail and make us an offer we can't refuse.

The Dude with the Beard Munny

Last week the REAL Jeremy Biggers aka the dude with the beard celebrated his birthday and Sam.. with the hair decided to immortalize him in Munny form. The face, and hat were completely built using sculpey. From the sketch to the final product. This was two months in the making. Just goes to show, much more goes into these designs and executions than what you see on the blog. And just adding to the reasons we're better than your favorite clothing and lifestyle brands!
The Dude with the Beard Munny by Sam... with the hairThe Dude with the Beard Munny by Sam... with the hairThe Dude with the Beard Munny by Sam... with the hairThe Dude with the Beard Munny by Sam... with the hair

Last Year's Gear(Biggs,BTG,MiniNose)


13 September 2009

June 16, 1971-September 13, 1996

This is my favorite 2pac picture...

TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA from silvestre garcia on Vimeo.

Keri Hilson: Slow Dance

Like we needed another reason to stalk love Keri Hilson!

11 September 2009

COPPED: Stussy Key Chain and Nike Dunk High Pharrell key chain

Stusy Stussy Key Chain and Nike Dunk High Pharrell key chain

COPPED: Stussy Belt

Stussy Belt

10 September 2009


Women's UK Summer T. Coming sooner than you think!!!Womens UK

09 September 2009

COPPED: Canon T1i

This beauty shoots full HD video... we're back!!! Not that we ever went anywhere but our HD video camera did. Now we have HD video capability again so... WE'RE BACK!
We're BACK!

08 September 2009


We were cleaning our storage room and found a box of last season's shirts just lying around all willy nilly... and since we aren't fans of willy or nilly, these shirts need to get up, get out, and get something. We need to make room for all the new stuff we're getting in so, we're going to make them available to you all, and EVERYTHING MUST GO... Only $10 bucks! Here are the sizes and styles we still have left. (don't waste either of our time asking for other sizes, if you don't see it here, we ain't got it!!!) As you can see the quantities are SUPER limited, and once these are gone, they are gone forever! So why not spend that $10 you found doing laundry last week on some new gear?EVERYTHING MUST GO!

Labor Day BBQ

BluePrint III

You know we had to go out and get the REAL version! Shout out to good music!

Get $#!+ Done Month: Senior Blanco Sketch by Senior Blanco

Senor Blanco Sketch by Senor Blanco
Pretty Damn Beasty

07 September 2009

New Camera Test Vid

Canon T1i/500D HD Test 2 from Unkommon Kolor on Vimeo.



I call dibs on Jannelle Monae...BTG

Janelle Monae @ SXSW from lhl on Vimeo.

Chester French: She Wolf (Shakira cover)

These cats are DOPE, we've been listening to them for a while, and stuff like this is why! Go cop their mixtape "Jacques Jams", and their album "Love the Future"

06 September 2009

Chali 2na featuring Talib Kweli: Lock $#!+ Down

Former Jurassic 5 member Chali 2na

Cheesy Artwork

05 September 2009

Burger Grease Artwork

Get $#!+ Done MONTH: 30 min sketch: LEADERS of the NEW COOL: Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa

04 September 2009

Get $#!+ Done Month: ENGLISH, mutha#$%&@, do you speak it?

40 minute digital painting done by the REAL Jeremy Biggers.
ENGLISH, mutha#$%&@, do you speak it?

We said it earlier today on our twitter, this just might be the BEST movie quote of all time!

Pro Stars

Who remembers this...

03 September 2009

September: Get $#!+ Done MONTH!

So, back in June we experimented with a "Get $#!+ Done Month" to see how much we could get done with a concerted effort to grind non-stop for a month and literally burn ourselves out, and it was a hit so, we've decided that September would be appropriate to do it all again. Back to school, back to work... not that we took the summer off but... you know what, you get it, we don't have to explain! This time however we're going to make the month more interactive. Once a week we will have a giveaway of some sort. The qualifications will be blog based so unless you're here, you won't know what to do. Stay tuned and stay alert!

NBA 2K10 Trailer

It's coming...

NBA 2K10 Signature Play Trailer - Kobe Bryant x Kanye West from DP on Vimeo.

01 September 2009

Copped: The OTHER Supra Chains

Finally got the other two versions of the Supra Skytop chains...

Three's Company

Work Space: Blue The Great

A little birdie told us you wanted to know what BTG's work space looked like. Of course we had to accommodate you.
Work Space: Blue the Great

What's in YOUR Closet...

Flyness Blue's Closet
"my closet's sneaker collection because most of these shoes will not be worn... things change, times changes, im done with some of the things i used to buy, time to get on my ocean's stuff. wait til i get my money right, then you cant tell me nothing! "

Click for The Flyness Effect

Wiz Khalifa-Name On A Cloud

Shout out to Virginia (the person not the state) for putting me on this...