31 August 2009

Sketch: Peacock Mini

Wacom practice sketch from UK's Flaca DiBaca.

Boats n Hoes

We didn't come up with the name of the event, but we did come back with pictures!
Boats n Hoes

Jay-Z Rhapsody commercial...

One word. WOW!


Drake featuring Trey Songz: Successful

"aww yeah Trey I F@#$in feel ya/they be staring at the money like it's unfamilar/I get it, I live it, to me there's nothing "real"-er/just enough 'll solve ya problems, too much 'll kill ya."

Happy to see Trey get a verse in the place of Lil Wayne...

30 August 2009

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Shout out to KAWS. You learn a lot about an artist when you mimic their style...
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

29 August 2009

CLASSIC- Snoop Doggy Dogg: Doggystyle

Darkwing Duck Fitted

Let's get dangerous!!! When there's trouble you can call Dee-double-U!!!!

I am the terror that flaps in the nightI am the terror that flaps in the night

28 August 2009


Digital painting by Unkommon Kolor's the REAL Jeremy Biggers

Modernized Ghostbuster Mobile

Ran across this guy on our way to get lunch yesterday thought it was pretty cool. Or maybe this isn't cool at all. Maybe some people take their fandom too far. He was cool and let us take his picture, he mentioned something about having a hand in making the game that was just released. I guess that is pretty cool.
Modernized Ghostbuster Mobile

Dom Kennedy- Best After Bobby


27 August 2009

Centre's Kixpo Video

We realize Kixpo was a month ago, but our people over at Centre just posted their video tonight... and of course it $#!++ed on ours... WE.NEED.THAT.CAMERA. It's really as simple as that. Anyway, we're sprinkled throughout the video. Custom fitted here and there... Sam... with the hair drinking her water. The moral of the story is, a camera is just another thing we need to add to our expenses for the coming year.

Kixpo 2009 from Alex Govenar on Vimeo.

26 August 2009

HA!!! I found YOU!!!

We've believed for a while now that Waldo and Carmen Sandiego were living in cahoots!! Now we have proof.
Where's Waldo? Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?  Right here.

25 August 2009

Asher Roth Feat. Keri Hilson: She Don't Wanna Man

24 August 2009

Widget The World Watcher

Shout out to those of you that remember what a "widget" was before it was a desktop icon.
Widget The World Watcher

Today is Get $#!+ Done Monday,,,, What are you getting DONE?


Big Boo

Did I Wake you, MuthaFucka...?

23 August 2009

Work Space: The REAL Jeremy Biggers

If this was an episode of Cribs, and this desk was his bedroom, you'd hear The REAL Jeremy Biggers say "this is where the magic happens". However, this is NOT Cribs, and this table is NOT TRJB's bedroom... it's still where the magic happens though.

The REAL Jeremy Biggers' Work Space

LUNCH: TinStar and Sushi

Fish and Shrimp Tacos are DOPE!
The REAL Jeremy Biggers' Lunch

California Rolls in Texas.
Blue the Great's Lunch



22 August 2009

CLASSIC- Dr. Dre: The Chronic

I've been listening to this album all week for some odd reason. I forgot how much of a classic this was. Straight Gangsta shidddd. Its funny how Gangsta Rappers back then could actually rap. Good Music

Copped: A Year of Kicks

BTG's Closet

19 August 2009

Jay-Z featuring Rihanna, Kanye West: We Run This Town

Dom Kennedy: Of All Time Official Video

LUNCH: Texadelphia

Chicken Cheesesteak

18 August 2009

Chew, chew chew... chewchewchewchewchew


Mandark by BTG

COPPED: Supra Skytop Chain

I finally got my Supra Chain in the mail. I hate the suspense of ordering something and then wondering if its going to be dope when you get it. Luckily Supra Never disapoints. Now I can get my V-Neck Game back to its championship form.DOPE!!!
Supra Skytop Chain
Supra Skytop Chain

17 August 2009

We Run This Town: Behind the Scenes

"... this is ROC NATION pledge your allegiance..."
I CANNOT wait for this video to drop.
Run this town

16 August 2009

Chicks 'N' Fitteds

We here at Unkommon Kolor like chicks... we also happen to like fitteds... needless to say when chicks and fitteds join forces it makes for a sexy situation. This is our tribute to those of you babes out there that rock fitteds like ONLY you can.
Unkommon Kolor!!!
Unkommon Kolor!!!

This is a Fly Picture...

I plan on jocking this picture... You have now been forewarned...

15 August 2009

Kixpo 2009

The UK Gang at Kixpo this year.
Shout out to Deadstock!

Kixpo from Unkommon Kolor on Vimeo.

Siggi in Ray Bans

Siggi in Ray Bans

Photo by Unkommon Kolor's The REAL Jeremy Biggers.


Unkommon Kolor!!!

Blue's Kickflip on the handpainted UK deck

14 August 2009

Lykke Li live

Good Fuckin Music

Pony Hair Skytops- Supra

Now you can match from head to toe with your quick weave...

13 August 2009

Simplicity Fashion Sketch


Jabee x Mick Boogie: Must be Nice Mixtape

Go ahead and cop this free mixtape from our man Jabee!!!

Download HERE for free

The Original 3 was carved out... the curves were added later

Unkommon Kolor Sticker Sighting!!!

What happens when old school meets new school? Not much if you're talking about stickers. That technology hasn't changed much in the last few years and thus hasn't changed since the last time we ordered stickers. But we were visiting out favorite comic book store and found one of our old stickers on a storm drain, and just HAD to place the new one. We figure the old sticker can give the new sticker a history lesson while they hang out together.

12 August 2009

Jinkys 15min sketch


11 August 2009

Dope or Nope

The Bart, The

Digital sketch done by Sam...with the Hair to pay homage to the character behind one of her many nicknames.... Sideshow Bob.

20 min Sketch: Leaders of the New COOL: B.o.B.

50 min Sketch: Leaders of the New COOL: Pac Div

10 August 2009

Kid Robot Pop-Up Shop: Dallas

So for a couple of weeks now Dallas has had a Kid Robot store. Unkommon Kolor's The REAL Jeremy Biggers was there for the Grand Opening but the line was out of control complete with apocalyptic fire storms, anarchy, and free Joan Rivers Yodeling CDs... ok, so none of that really happened, but the line WAS really long so he politely hopped back in his ride and headed home. After the craziness died down a little bit he, Blue the Great, and Sam... with the hair went to check it out on their lunch break.

09 August 2009

Unkommon Kolor: "What's Going On" Fitted

There are two sides to every coin. A head. A tail. A good. A bad. Like many of us, Marvin Gaye was one such coin. His extraordinary career matched his extraordinary life, a mixture of blessings and banes, dazzling success and inscrutable pain. His biography and discography are twin reflections of the same dualty: the artistic and personal struggle to heal the split between head and heart, flesh and spirit, ego and God. Meanwhile, his music lives on for the pleasures of its beauty and the marvel that was Marvin's voice. He was as individual and "unkommon" as they come. This hat is our tribute to the man. The Myth. The Legend. The "What's Going On" Fitted is brought to you by The REAL Jeremy Biggers. (Shout out to everyone that came to watch him paint this live)

07 August 2009

Gatorade: Michael Jordan Mosaic


Sports Drink Mosaic:
Scottie Pippen and Jackie Joyner-Kersee putting the last bottles down on a massive Michael Jordan portrait made out of 14,641 multi-colored Gatorade bottles, that’ll be featured in a Gatorade commercial for the new Ltd ed Jordan Series bottles, expected to drop late summer.

From: Orangie Porangie

06 August 2009

Dope or Nope

03 August 2009

P-Rod x Nike SB x Ice Cube x Kobe Bryant (Extended Video)

A couple of weeks ago we posted the shorter version of this... here is the extended clip...

Unkommon Kolor: NES

Just an afternoon of us playing original Nintendo games. It was short lived. After half an hour we had to go back to the "next gen" version where the players actually have numbers and facial features.

... remember having to put another cartridge on top of the one you were playing in order to keep the game in place?

...Punch Out next to Fight Night.

... somehow this stack would have been MONTHS of fun for us back then...

...the birthday Morgan...

...Nike Quagmire SB's...

...DUNK HUNT!!!!

...Clay Shooting...

...the birthday Morgan... again...

...kinda jealous of the Quagmires...

...break yo'self fool...