28 April 2010

Skate- Jeremiah Sanders

Randomly saw Jeremiah at the Union. I had my board. He grabbed his. Skated a Pyramid and some ledges got some cool shots. I have told him on several occasions that he has a black dudes name. Check it
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket backside heeflip on pyramid (below)PhotobucketPhotobucketNoseSlide (below)PhotobucketCrooked GrindPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Poser No Sir

Birthday Equation

Start with your birth month and add 18.
Multiply by 25, then subtract 333.
Multiply by 8, then subtract 554.
Divide by 2, then add the day of your birth.
Multiply by 5, then add 692.
Multiply by 20, then add the last two digits of your birth year.
Once you have that number give it me and I will tell you your birthday and year.

Stress -Justice


Jus†ice, Stress from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

27 April 2010

Dope or Nope: Katana Umbrella

Call me a geek, but I want one of these... and I think I'm about to cop! It even comes with a scabbard so you can wear it on your back as an umbrella with a sword handle was meant to be worn!

C.O. "Get in on the Floor" Video Shoot

Long time Unkommon Kolor friend C.O. invited us to be on set during the filming of his latest video. The video was shot at Agora, the best kept secret in the Dallas area, super talented folks!!! Unkommon Kolor's Blue the Great and the Real Jeremy Biggers also may or may not have a cameo in the video...
Unkommon Kolor!!!

...does he look like a b*tch?!?!

26 April 2010

Impromptu Shindig

Unkommon Kolor

25 April 2010

COPPED: Vintage Dream Team Gold Medal T-Shirt

Who didn't want one of these as a kid?! Snagged it from eBay for $5 bucks!!! FTW!

24 April 2010

Assisted Dunk FAIL!

That Party last night was awfully crazy, I wish we taped it.

The Shindig = Too Epic

23 April 2010

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Teaser

21 April 2010


I(Blue) randomly ran into Kim (kimbooslice) on campus. She blogs and works for Suckerpunch in Houston. Snapped her lil cool ass up during a brief conversation about random shit including Crooks, Trendy Asians and Her leaving UNT to go back to Houston. We lose another one smh. *pours out a little liquor
Backpack by Mishka
Tank by Hellz Bellz
Shoes by Nike SB Janoski's

Ciara featuring Ludacris: Ride

For the fellas...

20 April 2010

New N*E*R*D.

Levi's Relaunch Party - N.E.R.D from exposure on Vimeo.

CD drops June 29th. It's gonna be crazy

Columbine School Shooting 4/20/99

11 years ago...

19 April 2010

OKC Bombing 4/19/95

15 years ago...

14 April 2010

UNKO Illmatic Fitted

One of the first hats we painted was the Jay-Z "What More Can I Say" Fitted which was painted on a NY Yankees New Era 59Fifty. Since we had a fitted lying around featuring the "other" team from NY, we decided to paint a Nas album cover and what better cover to use than his "Illmatic"? Arguably one of the best hip-hop albums of ALL time. Painted in just over an hour, this hat is an INSTANT classic much like it's audio reference. Painted by UNKO's the REAL Jeremy Biggers.

13 April 2010

Nike Air Yeezy sculpt

More photos from a project we still can't tell you about just yet... Be patient.


I just wanted to make a short video of what I'm going through. I have a tatoo of a robot and this is what it sybolizes to some extent. You can either complain about your current state or you can live your life and be happy. sorry for the medium quality.
Blue... I shot this in like 5 mins. lol enjoy tell me what u think.

Live from Unkommon Kolor on Vimeo.

12 April 2010

UNKO Street Fighter Fitted

Street Fighter 4 cover painted on a New Era 59Fifty Washington Nationals. Painted by UNKO's the REAL Jeremy Biggers. Oh and as an added detail, we've added tags to the inside of the lining so you know you are getting an AUTHENTIC Unkommon Kolor piece. Accept no imitations.

UNKO on Pac Div's Blog

Photos taken by UNKO's The REAL Jeremy Biggers made it to the official Pac Div blog! DOPE!
Pretty F#ckin Dope!

11 April 2010

Pac Div/ XV / Curren$y Meet & Greet / Concert

Meet & Greet


Lego Escher

10 April 2010


Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothing to F#ck wit...

09 April 2010


07 April 2010

Chicks 'N' Fitteds

Tanyell back from NY by way of the Big Easy!!

Paula Patton Ebony Covers

Congratulations Robin Thicke... Paula Patton is STUNNING! Oh and congrats on the baby too.

Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat


Nike Air Yeezy sculpt


06 April 2010

Nike Air Yeezy sculpt

What do you do when you missed out on copping one of your all time favorite shoes?!?! You probably sit and pout about it. What do WE do when we miss out on copping one of our all time favorite shoes?!?! We make it out of clay... More on this later...