30 July 2009


Sometimes we sketch things in our sketchbooks just because. Sometimes it's to test ourselves. Sometimes it's just to get some ideas out of our heads. Sometimes we just get bored with everything else we're doing. I'm not exactly sure which category this falls under but it just goes to show even when we aren't working, we're still working!!!

29 July 2009

A Little Bit...

28 July 2009

Re-Release of the MJ Tribute

Due to the demand we have decided to re-release the MJ Tribute shirt for a very special encore. In the spirit of still keeping these exclusive we're only taking orders until we get 24. That way there are still only 100 total shirts in existence!

If you missed them the first time you better act fast before they are gone again forever!!!


27 July 2009

KIXPO Weekend 2009: The Photos

Kixpo was a severely good look!!! In fact so much so we had to sift through literally HUNDREDS of pictures deciding what needed to be shown. We didn't get a chance to hit the Meet and Greet on Friday but we were at all the rest of the weekend's events. We broke the albums up by event. ENJOY! Leave comments!

26 July 2009

Dom Kennedy ♥'s Unkommon Kolor

ok so it doesn't technically qualify as him mentioning us since it's merely a reTweet but, it's still pretty cool none the less. Dude is REALLY cool. There are pictures from Kixpo and the after party of us with Dom. Be looking for a Dom Kennedy custom piece VERY soon in support of our newest fan from Leimert Park, CA.

Unkommon Kolor MJ Bad Fitted

25 July 2009

Deadstock: Kixpo x Unkommon Fitted

The good people at Deadstock wanted Unkommon Kolor to customize one of their VERY limited edition Dead Stock Fitteds for a raffle giveaway during Kixpo. Of course since they are family, we had to hook them up. Here is Kixpo 2009 flyer hand painted by the REAL Jeremy Biggers on the underbill of their Dead Stock fitted.

MJ Adidas x Unkommon Kolor

We were commissioned to do a tribute shoe by Adidas after the success of our Hermes Jeremy Scott Adidas These made their debut at Kixpo in Dallas today. If you were not able to come through you missed a great situation. Painted by the REAL Jeremy Biggers on a pair of icy white Stan Smith Mids.

23 July 2009

KIXPO 2009

Saturday July 25th
2pm-7pm Life In Deep Ellum
2803 Taylor St. Dallas, TX 75226
Cash bar, Redbull sampling, special Index Skateboarding demo
official Kixpo merchandise, exclusive RAFFLES and GIVEAWAYS

We'll be there showing NEW work, signing autographs, kissing babies and pretty much making the world a better place.

22 July 2009

KIXPO: Sneak Peek

Normally we wouldn't do this but KIXPO is BIG... VERY BIG! So we needed to do something to match the magnitude of the event. Here is a sneak peek into just one of the things we are working on. Official Unkommon Kolor x Adidas collabo... (please excuse the camera-phone photos for the time being. They will be photographed properly before the event.) Trust us, you'll want to come see these in person! KIXPO. Dallas. Deep Ellum. Life. Saturday. July 25. 2p-7p.

21 July 2009

P Rod x Nike SB

Kid Cudi Feat. Kanye West, Common: Poke Her Face

20 July 2009

Fur Face Boy x Centre x Unkommon Kolor

So this past weekend we went to a BBQ thrown by our friends over at Centre in conjunction with Fur Face Boy, a clothing line based here in Dallas. Their line is pretty sick! We blessed the spot and passed out stickers. We brought back photos!

KIXPO is THIS weekend. Unkommon Kolor will be in the BUILDING. More details will come later this week!!!

Dope its Dom

18 July 2009

Only rapper to re-write history with out a pen...

Blue the great on the tablet let the story begin...
The 1st digital painting i've done using 100% photoshop cs4

Janelle Monae Digital Painting

100% done in Photoshop CS3. Wacom tablet. 7hrs.

17 July 2009

We ♥ our fans!!!

Shout out to Erica (it rhymes with America). We love you too!!!!

16 July 2009

New UNKO stickers!!!

Hot off the press... literally... we ordered them yesterday and they arrived today from OHIO! Find one of us to get your hands on the new stickers!!!

UNKO Stickers!!!

13 July 2009

Sketch: Andre 3000

More Wacom practice from UK's the REAL Jeremy Biggers

Sketch: Akuma

The first wacom practice sketch from UK's Senior Blanco... This was actually his first time using a Wacom tablet...

12 July 2009

UK Custom Swimwear

Summer's Arrived...

Custom Unkommon Kolor swimwear. If you are interested contact us through facebook or email. Unkommonkolor@gmail
Unkommon Kolor Swimwear

11 July 2009

Unkommon Kolor Sticker Sighting!!!

Shout out to this young (ages 12-15) group of kids from North Dallas. They were skatin' their asses off in front of my apartments last night. It was pitch black on my porch, so I couldn't see the one sticker was upside down, but they all ended up on the bottom of their skateboards so it's all love. :)

Evian: Commercial HI-LARRY-US

Best Commercial Ever

10 July 2009

Feature Friday: Curt@!n$

Take late 90's East Coast lyricism, avant-garde Los Angeles fashion, Huey Newton's sensibilities, and that guy that sat behind you in Art History, and you'd have Brooklyn born Curt@!n$. As an East Coast born artist now living on the West Coast Curt@!n$ has an unkommon perspective on hip-hop. He's a product of the digital age where a simple myspace page or zShare acts as your marketing and distribution. The days of getting "signed" to make records are over and Curt@!n$ has embraced that. He's taken time out of his schedule to wrap a bit with Unkommon Kolor's The REAL Jeremy Biggers about art, the Internet, and fashion.

Unkommon Kolor: We know you’ve probably answered this a MILLION times, but explain to the people out there that don’t know, how you chose your rap pseudonym.

Curt@!n$: "Curtains" simply means the show stopper. My whole energy is attention grabbing. Its a spectacle going on when im involved, so the name Curt@!n$ fits perfectly.

UK: Your delivery, cadence, and subject matter all resemble Pharoahe Monch and Nas, who are your influences artistically (musically and otherwise)?

C: I'm influenced by movies and books. Hip-Hop wise I would say Jay-Z, Kanye, Outkast, LL Cool J from day 1, Ice Cube...theres so much.

UK: That's what makes a true artist. Pull inspiration from EVERYWHERE. You quit rap on more than one occasion. What got you back on track to produce your art?

C: Its a drug...Im addicted to creating. I can't be dormant for too long, I gotta be out there making some dope shit and when I just quit, I kind of get the itch back sooner or later.

UK: I think all artists go through that "It's just not fun for me anymore" period where they "quit", only to come back to it weeks later. We hear you have been friends with Lupe Fiasco since high school, how do you think you’ve helped one another lyrically and stylistically?

C: I dont think we've helped each other at all. We're both incredibly talented artist and we find our own pocket and master that. He inspires me greatly I would say with his accomplishments.

UK: Oh ok. Much like us here at Unkommon Kolor, we hear that you are an amazing artist. Do you have any of your visual art online?

C: Nah, my art is somewhere on the back of some random sheets of paper. I need to do some pieces and do a gallery show or something. I got some dope ideas in my head, I just need to find that energy to get it out. Visual arts is like doing music, its a full time gig, you can't half ass it or its not gonna be what it needs to be. I respect the craft and until i'm in a position to dedicate some time and energy to it, ima just keep doodling on paper.

UK: PREACH!!! Art is so much more than a hobby! How is painting a picture with words different from painting (drawing) with traditional mediums? How is it the same?

C: For me they are one in the same. Its all in the message and how you put it out there. I'm very metaphorical so with my music and with drawing, i'm gonna find a dope metaphor and try to be as creative as possible.

UK: Kanye called you a “Fashion Genius”, who are your favorite brands/ designers? How would you describe your style?

C: I'm not too brand heavy, I'm more into pieces. Like Levis Vintage and Dior do the absolute best denim. American Apparel make the best plain t shirts, I think Gucci as a brand may have the best collections. But I like just mixing and matching pieces from different collections to come up with my own little concoction. Style wise, I would describe my style as a portrait of shattered opulence. I like wearing my pieces out, rips in my shirts, stains, dirt, I love it. It makes a $400 jacket more interesting. I think. I'm on the verge of completely changing the pace with my personal style. Totally just blacking out in more ways than one.

UK: "... I might wear black for a year straight..." We can dig it. As a product of this digital age, do you feel the internet is killing music or helping it?

C: The Internet helps life in general. It helps you weed through the bullshit and get straight to the point. Musically it helps fans filter out garbage from good shit and it helps great artists who don't have that platform to get their music out to a place to build their brand. I love the net. I'm always online.

UK: Just don't get too tech happy and go all autotune on us. While your "The Great Adventures of Dope Boy C: WHSL REBEL RADIO" mixtape is lyrical, it’s a collection of fun, almost party records and The Great Adventures of Dope Boy C: Dope for President is a lot heavier and more politically charged. Is there a reason for this artistic duality or is it simply a reflection, social commentary of what’s happening in the world right now?

C: Well "Dope For President" is where my heads been at forever. I'm heavy on political bullshit, religious bullshit, socialism, all that so thats where my head is 90% of the time. "Rebel Radio" was more of the bait to get people on my side and get them into the whole CurT@!n$ movement. I could make an album like Dope For President all day.

UK: Speaking of which, do we have a date set for the release of your debut album “A Beautiful Mind”?

C: In a perfect world, my birthday, August 18th 2010.

UK: Dope! We can't wait! Anything you want to leave us with?

C: Dope for President!

For more info on Curt@!n$ contact him on his site:
http://highsocietylife.com/ or his myspace: http://www.myspace.com/curtains

09 July 2009

Lupe Fiasco ♥'s Unkommon Kolor

It was brought to our attention yesterday that the Unkommon Kolor "Make One Thing Clear" Deck was posted on Lupe Fiasco's blog. We did some research in the form of simply clicking the link they provided and confirmed this to be true. We went through the archives and found this wasn't the first time our work has found it's way to his blog. We've taken the liberty of snatching some screen shots!!!

"...real recognize real..."

08 July 2009

Evil Monkey

07 July 2009

Propane and Propane Accessories...

My first wacom sketch.
I've always loved King of the Hill....although that may be because Hank reminds me of my dad. LOL.

Random Sketch...

My 1st sketch on my new Wacom Tablet.
When people join The Roc they get a chain...
When people join UK they get Wacoms...
Wacom Wacom Wacom its the 1st of the month......


06 July 2009

Sore Losers: InDENTONdance Day Performance

05 July 2009

30 min Sketch: Leaders of the New COOL: Curt@!n$

Michael's Final Rehersal

The Legend Remembered. We love you Mike!

04 July 2009

Benji Beezy 11yr old Freestyles in UK Fitted!

Shout out to Benji Beezy rocking the UNKOMMON KOLOR "Leave the Money on the Nightstand" Fitted. We love our supporters!!!

03 July 2009

J-Dilla Digital Painting

As you can see I've (the REAL Jeremy Biggers) been doing quite a bit of practice with my wacom tablet and I wanted to put myself to the test. Since Mike Thompson and Kehinde Wiley are the "shoguns" I've studied them rigorously and sought to create a painting in their style by spending more time on a piece than I normally would. THIS is the result of that effort.

Unkommon Kolor "Make one thing clear" Deck

The Unkommon Kolor "Make one thing clear" deck is the first true "chick" skatedeck we've produced. Created by Flaca DiBaca using a woodburner, stain, and varnish. Taken from a verse on "Kick, Push" the "Make one thing clear" deck is a MUST have for any female skater. FOR SALE. Contact us for details.

02 July 2009

Drake: Best I Ever Had Official Video

Directed by KANYE WEST! Has there ever been video with THIS many "talented" chicks?!?! The concept has been done to DEATH and the song break dialogue is WACK but who doesn't like bouncing breasts? My point EXACTLY!

"sex, love, pain baby I be on that Tank ish, buzz so big I could probably sell a blank disc. When my album drop b#@$es will buy for the picture, niggas will buy it too claiming they got it for they sister"

01 July 2009

In case you missed our radio interview...

This interview ran at 930/1030pm on a Saturday on a internet radio station in New Orleans, so I'm certain most of you didn't hear this. It's our first non-print interview so don't be too harsh, we were nervous and ish.