03 November 2009


Wow, we haven't posted these yet?!!? Ah well, with Halloween in the books, these photos would have been more appropriate over the weekend, but as the saying goes, better late than never right? Here are some of the better costumes we saw this weekend.

The Rescession Ninja. He was actually handing out resumes, and his contact info was on throwing stars.

Pee-Wee... considering the "pervert" past, maybe you should lay off the women's cosmetics.

UNKO's The REAL Jeremy Biggers and Sam... with the hair as Krusty and Side Show Bob.

It's the miggity-miggity-miggity-miggity-mac-daddy

The Muppets Swedish Chef. BORK BORK BORK.

Found her!!! That was VERY underwhelming... I was honestly expecting it to be more difficult.

It's the CAP'N!! Might be the best homemade costume EVER!

The guy got in to the club... but I didn't.

Gotta catch em all!

and this year's winner for the most AWESOME costume.... EVER!!! B Jones for his Andre 3000: Roses costume. CAROLINE!!!

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