28 February 2010

SPR2010 Look Book

Oh yeah... it's coming!

26 February 2010

SPR2010 Sneak Peek

Sam's SPR2010 UNKO ad

25 February 2010

(Serial) Killer Whale

Yesterday an Orca Whale named "Tilikum" in Sea World Orlando killed a trainer during a show. This wasn't the first time Tilikum has killed a person. There were two others.

This is in no way making fun of anyone's death, however it's poking fun at the people that are shocked that a KILLER whale killed someone.

Random Photos: Shogun Ft Worth

Sometimes we take cool photos that don't fit any categories, but they're still worth seeing. Shogun store in Ft Worth.

24 February 2010

Artist: Pixeloo

These are all AMAZING and creepy at the same time. Pixeloo is an incredible illustrator and his Photoshop skills are second to none. PLEASE CLICK TO VIEW AT FULL SIZE.

Homer Simpson


Stewie Griffin

Clearly I need to step my Photoshop game up...

23 February 2010

Rosa-NO-Sir (JK Yes Maam)

Rosa Acosta is in Dallas tonite hosting some Jay-z Afterparty

TONITE.American Airlines Center

w/ Jeezy. I wish we would've got the N*E*R*D/Wale/J.Cole show. I guess Dallas is too gangsta for them to sell out so bring in Jeezy.

Kanye West: Coldest Winter

KANYE WEST "Coldest Winter" Directed by: NABIL "ITUNES link below" from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Before our impromptu meeting last night, this movie had us ALL mesmerized. We couldn't understand how much work must have gone into this film and how amazed we were that this technology was around in 1988, (and before). Sure we've all seen it before, but viewing it now through "different eyes" gave us a much different perspective. I need to go cop this AND Space Jam on DVD.

22 February 2010

Mike Epps is Retarded


NBA All-Star Chris Bosh and the Na'vi people from Avatar. This one wasn't only the face... His build and stature had just as much to do with this one.

21 February 2010

Fly Sketches

When we released the UK College Crews we "personalized" each package by sending a hand drawn gift with the order. We never got around to posting those sketches... So, here they are. If you didn't get a chance to cop the UK College Crew, it's too late, however we're dropping the Spring line in the VERY near future... and you WON'T want to miss out on that!

UNKO Crew... partially

Mr. Hudson - Supernova @ RSVP Gallery

20 February 2010


19 February 2010


16 February 2010

The Deadly Intro - SoreLosers

The Deadly Intro from Unkommon Kolor on Vimeo.


15 February 2010

All-Star Weekend 2010

A Weekend this EPIC deserves an EPIC blog post. So, in an unprecedented move for us, we're bringing you FIVE, count them, FIVE photo albums at once! From UNKO's The REAL Jeremy Biggers shooting the Red Carpet for the All Star Sneakend (in the COLD), to UNKO's Blue the Great winning, then losing during a mysterious final FINAL round of the Annx Dunk Contest, to the All Star Game itself, it was a weekend full of fun that won't soon be forgotten. Enjoy! (click on each image for the galleries)

14 February 2010


11 February 2010

Who knew Narnia was in TX?!?!

I've never seen Dallas get THIS much snow this fast... and it's still coming down.

Dallas Snow

Yes, we get snow in Dallas.

10 February 2010

I'm Good I'm Gone- Lykke Li

One of my favorite artist. Comin' straight outta Sweden

Super Bowl Party / Beer Pong Tournament

09 February 2010

Sore Losers Show: Cold Fusion Lounge

08 February 2010

Curren$y - Smokee Robinson

Download here