13 November 2009

and the Winner is...

With an resounding 22 votes out of a possible 39, Entry #3 is our winner.

This Prince drawing was done by UNKO artist/designer Sam... with the hair. The process for this piece is A LOT more involved than you may think. This ENTIRE piece started off as a black rectangle. The lights and darks you see in the image are different pressure erasures. Yes... she did this all with an eraser. This is a process known as "REDUCTION", and is most often associated with charcoal drawings in the real world. In Laymen's terms, instead of drawing on white paper/canvas with a darker medium (ie. pencil, pen charcoal), this process forces you to do the opposite. She was drawing on the dark with white so to speak. See now doesn't that make this piece more impressive? Congrats Sam... with the hair, you have carved out your place in UNKO history by winning the first UNKO Challenge.

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