15 November 2009

UNKO Sighting!!!

Our friend Tom Thompson donning the UNKO Pacman Make it Rain tee, with the Nike Pacman SB's. Allow me to let you in on a little secret... you see, Tom here has been an avid shoe collector (see: Sneaker Head) since the 70s. He's been collecting since before most of us have even been alive. He owns EVERY pair of Vans ever made. His collection contains limited and rare shoes that most of us have only seen online. Long story short, his sneaker collection is $#!++ing on yours and 5 of your closest friends.

We still have a few sizes left, but you better hurry

2 Responses to “UNKO Sighting!!!”

Hassan Syed said...

at first glance i thought that was george lucas lol

thanks for this useful information..
now i find what i want to know..

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