31 May 2009

F6 Gallery: Past, Present, Future Show photos


27 May 2009

F6 Gallery: Past, Present, Future Show


This Saturday May 30 from 7p - 11p I (The REAL Jeremy Biggers, aka The Dude with the Beard) will be in the "Past, Present, Future" show at F6 Gallery - 2800 W. Division St. Suite F6 Arlington, TX 76012. Google Maps/Mapquest that joint for directions. I will be displaying two (maybe. We'll see how the rest of the week goes) new, never before seen paintings. If you live in a 50 mile radius I expect to see you there. (I have your IP addresses so I know EXACTLY where you are so don't test me.) Come support your favorite artist, and if he's not there come support me instead. :) And as you can see on the flyer, my girl Samantha Mattice-Lowery will also be showing! It's her first show! I'll see you there!


26 May 2009

GSDM: Memorial Day

25 May 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day from us here at Unkommon Kolor!!! It's Get $#!+ Done Monday and today is the LAST DAY of the UNKOMMON KOLOR site wide sale. Don't miss out! www.unkommonkolor.com/shop/

21 May 2009

Girls- Sore Losers

King Blue Of Sore Losers Stars In The "Girls" Music Video Along Side Nile Abbai.

Directed By Jon Barnett Of TVBULLY.com

"Girls" Is A Song From The Sore Losers' Upcoming Mixtape:
"Chill, Bullet Bill" Hosted By UnKommon Kolor

Story Between A Man Who Shows His Love By Giving His Girlfriend A Shimmering Golden Ring After Every Special Ocassion...

20 May 2009

The CCLA Formula: Lebron X Kobe + UK = ...

As the anticipation builds and the NBA Finals near, here at Unkommon Kolor, we are divided on who shall prevail. I, The Scientist, undoubtedly know that King James shall not disappoint. That glorious night he will approach the announcers table; the one he ritualistically stands in front of night after night spraying the crowd with chalk. Only this time it will be to stand atop it, soaking in the flashing lights and drowning in the cheers from his faithful fans celebrating an amazing year...

The CCLA (Cleveland Lakers) Formula: Lebron X Kobe + UK = ...
(who will you pick?)

17 May 2009

Mars Blackmon Digital Speed Painting

I've been trying to figure out a way to show you, my faithful fans, my entire creative process for literally MONTHS now. Thanks to technology and my man Blue the Great, you can see me work on a digital painting from start to finish. Some of the proportions are a little off, but you get the overall gist. Adobe Photoshop CS3 2.5 hours.

Lady Gaga Speed Vector

Lady Gaga is one of music's fastest rising stars, and she's as "unkommon" as they come. This vector was done by Unkommon Kolor's Blue the Great as practice for future designs and other Illustrator projects. Adobe Illustrator CS4. 7 hours.

15 May 2009


For this week only EVERYTHING on the site is on sale! All shirts are $15 bucks. Get yours now before the quantities run out!!!

12 May 2009

Blue finally got his indmix.com picture!!!

10 May 2009

Houston Trip Too

The REAL Jeremy Biggers and Regular @$$ Bryan (formerly "Blue the Great") took a trip down to Houston for a "Pretty Party" hosted by some associates. The overall premise of the party is to pamper the ladies and their mothers, give them a make-over of sorts, and give them a mini-photo shoot. Of course, even though we were there for work we found time to link up with the affiliates and make things memorable.

Unkommon Kolor Meeting and GSDM shirt photos

Unkommon Kolor Sticker Sighting!!!

Ok so it's not really a "sticker" sighting... It's more like a product sighting... But hey we like pictures of our customers wearing our stuff so it's worth posting!!

The Lonely Island Feat Justin Timberlake: MotherLover

This inappropriate and hilarious at the same time. I love the Lonely Island.

08 May 2009

Hello Houston...

2 of the UK members(Biggers & Blue) are about to head to the H in a few minutes... I(Blue) will be rocking lakers gear in support of my team....
Fugggggg with us if you are in the H!


06 May 2009

Unkommon Kolor Presents: Get $#!+ Done Monday 05.04.09

03 May 2009


Shout out to Tobi

Eminem: 3 AM

Relapse in stores May 19

Eminem - 3 AM from Ministar on Vimeo.

Unkommon Kolor Bob Marley Fitted

Bob Marley commission painted by the REAL Jeremy Biggers.

02 May 2009

Unkommon Kolor Sticker Sighting!!!

01 May 2009

Noura the Explorer

Noura the Explorer commission. Yes, we're aware these look EXACTLY like Supra Skytops... Hey we had to paint what she gave us. Get over it!