31 October 2009

Jay-Z responds to Beanie Sigel

Jay-Z answers Beanie Sigel from la rue du hiphop.com on Vimeo.

29 October 2009

Doesn't get much more dope than...


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

THIS game will have us out of commission for at LEAST of couple of weeks... Drops in a little over 10 days...

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Reveal Trailer from The Koalition on Vimeo.

28 October 2009

Amerie: Most PERFECT legs EVER!!!

Exhibit A.

The Cypher

Where has THIS Eminem been?!!?

25 October 2009

UNKO: Emmitt Smith Broken Record Fitted

For a sports fan growing up in Dallas in the 90s, there was not much better than the Super Bowl Cowboy teams. This is our tribute to "America's Team" and one of the members of the Hall of Fame trio from that era. Painted on a Cowboys New Era x Reebok fitted. For those of you that are unaware, the reference for this painting is the "moment" Emmitt broke Walter Payton's rushing record. Here is a detailed account of that "moment".

On Sunday, October 27, 2002, as the Cowboys face the Seahawks at Texas Stadium, Smith is only 93 yards behind Payton's all-time record of 16,726 yards. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, anticipating the record being broken, plans a huge celebration and tribute to Smith.

Even though Smith hasn't run for 100 yards in a game all season, Jones has a banner prepared to be unveiled the moment Smith becomes the NFL's No. 1 all-time leading rusher. He has it placed next to the three Super Bowl championship banners captured during The Emmitt Years.

With 10 minutes to go in the game, and Smith only a couple of bursts away from the record, the Cowboys take over at their own 27-yard line. The crowd rises and begins a cheer that grows louder and louder. This is it, they hope. This is the moment. The record-breaking moment.

"I was totally aware of how much I needed," Smith would say later. "When I saw I was 13 yards away, I knew this was the drive that I was going to do it. I was sure. There was no doubt. With the crowd going crazy as it was, I said, 'This is the time.' I had to do it for them, for everyone."

On first down, quarterback Chad Hutchinson hands the ball off to Smith, who bulls his way forward for three yards.

Back in the huddle, Hutchinson, looking directly at Smith, says, "OK. 15 Lead. On two." The huddle breaks and Smith lines up in his customary position. The clock shows 9:10 left when Hutchinson takes the snap and hands the ball off to Smith.

The crowd, the TV cameras, zero in on number 22 as he displays his signature burst off left tackle, hits a small hole, squeezes his way through, cuts left and finds a seam. There's daylight. Smith bounces off one attempted tackle. He chugs along, running low, running square. He receives a crushing block from fullback Robert Thomas. He stumbles, ever so slightly, over the arm of an opponent, yet he quickly places his right hand on the turf, enabling him to keep his balance and keep chugging along until passing Payton's record.

When Smith is finally brought down, 11 yards later, with the crowd in a frenzy, Smith bounces to his feet. The record is his. Thousands of photo flashes go off in the stands. The game is halted. The celebration begins. Fireworks explode in each end zone.

Smith slowly takes off his helmet and kneels down on the 32-yard line. He then points to the sky for a moment. "For you Walter."

23 October 2009

Come Fly with Me

And you wonder why Unkommon Kolor is better than your favorite clothing brands?? It's cause we have intern designers doing $#!+ like this! Shout out to Senor Blanco for this Michael Jordan digital painting!!!

Broken Promises Windows 7

I'm a Mac... F$#@ your PC!

Pac Div feat. TiRon: Paper

22 October 2009

The Simpsonnnsssssss....

Could these clouds be any more perfect for the opening credits?

the FUN theory

Piano stairs - Rolighetsteorin.se - The fun theory from camiseta emprestada on Vimeo.

21 October 2009

Q-Tip feat. Norah Jones: Life is Better

There's just something about hip-hop tracks with Norah Jones... Gotta LOVE em!

Q-Tip - Life Is Better (feat. Norah Jones) from nothing on Vimeo.

20 October 2009

Where the Wild Things Are Sketch

I decided to make me Max from WTWTA. 20 min sketch

Digital Sketchbook: Sam

Lately, we've felt as if our art skills haven't been where we would like them to be (see: falling off) so we're going to take our laptops and wacom tablets on location and use them as sketckbooks as we draw from life. After all, we can't claim to be your "favorite artist's favorite artists" if that skill level gap is narrowing. (at least in our own minds, if nowhere else.)

19 October 2009

State Fair Photos

State Fair

18 October 2009

Kim in Joy Rich by Kiddrae254

Shout out to our boy Kiddrae254 over at Centre! He's the illest photographer we've met thus far. Cool dude to boot!

Kim from Kiddrae254 on Vimeo.

We Were Once a Fairytale: Spike Jonze

Short film by Spike Jonze... the director of "Where the Wild Things Are".
Weird... but I love the cinematography

Susan G Komen Race for the Cure

Race for the Cure

13 October 2009

Chicks 'N' Fitteds

Our friend Orange Calderon over at http://orangieporangie.com

12 October 2009

Kayne West: Glow in the Dark Book

As a group of varying artists, photography books hold a special place in our hearts, especially hip-hop inspired photo books. Set to release later this month, "Glow in the Dark" is a photo book documenting the success of it's namesake's tour. The book features the photography of world renowned video director/photographer Nabil Elderkin. October 20th can't come fast enough.

11 October 2009

Death of the Kloud

New Unkommon Kolor commercial...

Death of the Kloud from Unkommon Kolor on Vimeo.

Operation: "Twitter Trending Topic" is a SUCCESS!!!

A week ago we tried to create a trending topic on Twitter and failed... miserably. But last night we got a group of us together and tried again with a more concerted effort. The result, at 4:19am Central time "#witchaweakass" broke the top 10 and made it to the Trending Topic list. After making it onto the list, it's been building steam and it now at the #4 spot! Maybe this isn't a big deal for any of you. Maybe it is. But we're really excited about it. Its crazy seeing something you started, take on a mind of its own. Looking at the list of people mentioning #witchaweakass right now, and not knowing ANY of them means one thing, Unkommon Kolor is receiving global attention right now, even if on a small scale. The earth is kinda large, if you weren't aware.



09 October 2009

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

President Obama Humbled by winning Nobel Peace Prize

08 October 2009

Maestro Knows Episode 10

We watched this video and were so inspired afterwards. In a small way, we feel these sentiments EXACTLY! Now we just need to do it on a LARGER scale!

Maestro Knows - Episode 10 (The Dream Team) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

07 October 2009

Dream Team vs Redeem Team and nem

We here at Unkommon Kolor are big on sports. We love how debating the theoretical scenarios brings out the worst in people.

"Kobe Bryant is better than Michael Jordan" "WHAT?!?! You, can't be serious!!! I will KILL you!"

So, allow us to pose a question that is sure to waste at LEAST a full day of work arguing about something no one can prove.

Who would win a game between the original Dream Team plus Reggie Miller, Isaiah Thomas, and Hakeem Olajuwon (to round out the 15 man roster) and the 15 best NBA players right now? It's difficult to say who the best 15 players in the league right now, outside of the obvious superstars in each position so we will allow you to chose the players and match them up head to head with the players on the original Dream Team (plus the aforementioned 3). Tell us who has the advantage in each match-up, and provide some supporting facts for your claim. Clearly this question would have been more relevant last summer during the Olympics, but a conversation that was had after watching the Cowboys vanish into thin air in Denver (get it? We're so witty...) made us realize we're ready for the NBA season to begin.

Let the fun begin.




Shout out to short shorts and 80s mustachioed commissioners.... and red bowties.

05 October 2009

Jimi Hendrix Time Lapse Speed Painting

Blue the Great. PSCS4 + Wacom. 2hrs. Reference used.

Jimi Hendrix speed painting. from Unkommon Kolor on Vimeo.


One of the benefits of being an artist, is seeing a piece of art that you MUST have, and not having to pay $10,000 to get it. The same can be said of thieves... thievery aside, for a mere $50 bucks you can create your own version of your favorite artist's work. But this way, you can customize the colors, or size of the work as you see fit. Over the weekend Unkommon Kolor's the REAL Jeremy Biggers re-created a KAWS for his front hall. Now before you condemn his actions, or "misuse" of his talents, ask yourself this question, "have you ever purchased a reprint of a famous piece of art for your own home?" Yes, that "dogs playing poker" reprint counts, and YES so do those art deco wine posters. You Garden Ridgers and Pier 1 Importers are just as guilty of hanging faux-masterpieces in your own homes, and you probably paid more than he did, so there! Now tell me you wouldn't save money and paint your own re-creations if you could... our point exactly!

Chicks 'N' Fitteds

01 October 2009

Dr. Greg House MD.

Done by Unkommon Kolor's The REAL Jeremy Biggers. PSCS3 + Wacom Tablet. 2.5hrs. Reference used.

Michelangelo Sidewalk Chalk Art

COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis

COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis (2 times loop) from blu on Vimeo.

Unkommon Kolor: Under Water Nike Dunks