12 May 2010

UNKO x Shogun

Saturday, May 22, 2010. 7PM. Where will you be? If your answer didn't include Shogun Boutique, in Ft Worth, or dead, it was the incorrect answer. Ok, so that was a little morbid, but we wanted to illustrate how serious (see: dead serious) we are about this date and time. Some of you have undoubtedly heard little murmurings here and there about an Unkommon Kolor and Shogun collaboration release party. Well we just want to confirm that what you've heard is absolutely correct! To kick off the summer and to show our appreciation to you, the fans, we will be in attendance shaking hands and kissing babies, meeting you all face to face, because after all, YOU'RE the reason we do what we do! There will be FREE FOOD and DRINKS, as well as our SUPER exclusive UNKO X SHOGUN COLLAB TEE (which also happens to be our first collab tee). The event starts at 7pm but you'll want to get there early to camp out for the tee. Trust us. This shirt is EPIC! We'll unveil it this weekend, so stick around. If you don't get your hands on this shirt you will be sorry! We'll also have shirts from our Spring Line in the mix, so if you arrive too late to get the collab you can still cop some UNKO gear for all those Memorial Day BBQs.

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