21 May 2010

UNKO vs Shogun Video Game

So if you haven't heard by now there is an offical Unkommon Kolor vs Shogun Video Game!!! After making a few tees as an ode to our childhood games, and with the epic collab between us & Shogun... what better way to start off the summer than with our own video game. Who's touching that? No one. The game was created and animated by one of our designers & web developer Arif Merritt (development time 2 days start to finish). Unkommon Kolor, you're favorite artist's favorite... everything. Click here or on the images to play the game! Make sure you're at the event tomorrow!

Unkommon Kolor VS Shogun Video Game
Title Screen

Unkommon Kolor Video Game Behind the Scenes
A behind the scenes shot (coding). More to come...

Unkommon Kolor Video Game Screen shot 2
Game Play

Unkommon Kolor Video Game Screen shot 3
Game Play

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Hassan Syed said...

simply "wow" - you guys are awesome lol

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