29 October 2008

Notorious Trailer

28 October 2008

Ludacris: Undisputed

...I'm the baddest mother, shut it, like Shaft was/ leavin' rappers wit headaches like bad drugs/
they shoulda warned ya/ you got defeated by the heat but,eh, we'll just say we Alonzo Mourn'd ya/
so call the coroner/ I'll show up to yo funeral wit some gators like I'm fresh outta Florida...

26 October 2008

Terry Tate vs Sarah Palin

24 October 2008

Obama v McCain Dance Off

Nike Football

This is easily my favorite commercial on TV right now.

19 October 2008

Beyonce: Single Ladies

Despite the potential Man-Law violation, I feel it's my responsibility as a man to show other men this video. You'll thank me later fellas! Please note the darker of the 3 ladies at the 1:47 mark... You're welcome.

Single Ladies Beyonce from Ivan Gavira on Vimeo.

18 October 2008

UT Arlington Black Student Association Fashion Show x Unkommon Kolor!!!

The UT Arlington Black Student Association Fashion Show was a blast and we met some really cool people. Shout out to our new friends!!! Of course you want to see pictures so... (give the files a little time to load, they're pretty large)

12 October 2008

No One on the Corner Have Swagger Like Us!!!

“Unkommon Kolor!!!’s in the building/swagger on a hundred, thousand, trillion/ a yo, we know we got it first, we Christopher Columbus, y’all just the pilgrims.

No one on the corner has swagger like us!!! And now we have the shirt to prove it. This women's oversized print features an 80’s inspired font and the hip-hop female pioneers Salt N Pepa. It’s printed with a silver ink on ash gray/white stripe shirt. If your swagger levels are greater than or equal to 60% as compared to your peers, you NEED this shirt.
Unkommon Kolor Swagger Women's TeeNo One On The Corner Has Swagger Like Us Unkommon KolorSwagger Tee Unkommon Kolor

Michelle Obama Tees/Hoodies

They say, “behind every great man, is a great woman”. We’re not really sure who “they” are but “they’re” right. For every Cliff, there’s a Clair. For every John F., there’s a Jackie O. For every Malcolm, there’s a Betty. For every Martin Luther, there’s a Coretta Scott. For every Fred, there’s a Wilma. And now you can add “For every Barack, there’s a Michelle” to that list of historic couples. To honor Mrs Obama, and to accompany our Barack Obama design, we’ve decided to create a design for those women who want to show their support to the woman behind “the man”. Again this is print is done using “belt printing”, so each print will be slightly different. This design also comes in three colorways, black/white, charcoal/white, purple/white. Be the first person rocking the Obama matriarch amongst your friends. It’s the stuff “envy” is made of. Trust us… we know these things.
Michelle Obama Unkommon KolorMichelle Obama Unkommon Kolor TeeMichelle Obama Unkommon Kolor TeeMichelle Obama Unkommon Kolor Hoodie

Barack Obama Tees

It’s no secret that we here at Unkommon Kolor!!! are avid supporters of Barack Obama and his policies. So, in an almost obligatory manner we bring you the man with the plan, Barack Obama making his Unkommon Kolor!!! garment debut. This oversized screen-printed design comes in t-shirt and hoodie form. It’s printed using a technique called “belt printing” which allows us to print over seams and zippers. Because the print goes over seams and also due to the size of the print, each shirt has some small differences and small spots where ink may be missing. Simply put, no two shirts/hoodies will be the same. In true Unkommon Kolor!!! form, even when we mass-produce, you get a one of a kind product. Yeah, we love you like that. The designs come in three colorways, black/white, navy/white, and Democratic Blue/white. Order yours today, because you’ll want these before the election. Just don’t wear it to the polls!!!

08 October 2008

Ciara: GO Girl

Anyone that says they don't see at least a little Aaliyah in Ciara after this video is a LIAR! Being that I hate liars and thieves, I'm going to need for you to politely close this browser window, clear your history, delete your cookies, and never come back to this site. I can no longer be associated with you. For everyone else, you understand and agree that this video is comparable to Aaliyah's "We need a Resolution". Besides that, Ciara is tied for the top spot with Keri Hilson on my "She Can Get It" list.

07 October 2008

Kanye West : Love Lockdown - Official Video

Award Winning

Unkommon Kolor!!! can now add “award winning” to its accolades. The good people over at Lone Star Comics had a “paint a Munny” contest and of course we had to put our stamp on it. I mean after all, we like Munnys, and we like painting, it was essentially our competition to lose. The rules were simple. Purchase a Munny. Use only the materials in the room. Finish before the store closed. Oh yeah, and make all the other competitors quit in the process. Simple! Admittedly that last rule wasn’t as much a “rule” as it was something that just happened. Let me explain.

While Arif and I worked on our entries we glanced around the room and realized pretty early, we were going to SMASH the competition. This was everyone else’s first Munny… They didn’t quite understand the complexity involved in painting a soft vinyl toy. So, as I laid on coat after coat of acrylic paint, I tried to keep what I was working on to myself. I typically start on the body, and work on the face last since it will be the most detailed. But this time was different. I started on the body, because I knew if I started on the head people would get intimidated. But oh how I underestimated my abilities and their insecurities.

As I was adding the final details to the body I was ever so careful to keep secret, one of the judges walked around the room asking everyone what they were working on. Various responses chimed in, then she got to me and with nothing more than a painted body with no arms or head, said, “oh… wow… I see you’re doing the Joker”. Once she let the “cat out the bag”, everyone turned their heads toward me trying to steal a glimpse. And as I added the pinstripes to the pants, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to keep what I was working on a secret much longer. I rotated the body to work on the back of the pants and that’s when it began. “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!” “…there’s no need for me to even finish this” “…well I guess we know who won this” “I QUIT!!!” I acted as if I couldn’t hear them through my iPod earbuds, and kept working. Shortly afterward my phone died which meant my reference photo died, and my music died as well. So, I went out to the car, to revive my now comatose phone, and take a much needed break. After about 15 minutes of sitting in the car, I walked back into the store to find that only Arif was still working on his Munny. I asked “everyone else taking a break too?” He responded “nope… they all left.” “After they saw what you were working on, they packed up and went home.”

Now I’ve done quite a few things in my lifetime that have impressed even me. But make a room full of people quit because of a half finished painting… that tops the list. Unkommon Kolor!!!, making people drop out of competitions since… ok since last Saturday. So what it hasn’t been that long, have YOU ever made a room full of people quit? Then SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE!

Lone Star Comics displayed the finished (and purposefully unfinished) Munnys in a display case for one week allowing their customers time to vote on which one they liked the best and I’m happy to report that the results are in and Unkommon Kolor’s Joker Munny won first place! Some of you more “hatin-istic” people might mention, “of course you won, besides Arif, no one else finished theirs” and to you I say, we would have won even if they had finished! Check the pictures!

Oh yeah before you do that though, be sure to add us (Unkommon Kolor) on Myspace. Now you may click on the image.


02 October 2008

Don't Vote!!!