12 October 2008

Barack Obama Tees

It’s no secret that we here at Unkommon Kolor!!! are avid supporters of Barack Obama and his policies. So, in an almost obligatory manner we bring you the man with the plan, Barack Obama making his Unkommon Kolor!!! garment debut. This oversized screen-printed design comes in t-shirt and hoodie form. It’s printed using a technique called “belt printing” which allows us to print over seams and zippers. Because the print goes over seams and also due to the size of the print, each shirt has some small differences and small spots where ink may be missing. Simply put, no two shirts/hoodies will be the same. In true Unkommon Kolor!!! form, even when we mass-produce, you get a one of a kind product. Yeah, we love you like that. The designs come in three colorways, black/white, navy/white, and Democratic Blue/white. Order yours today, because you’ll want these before the election. Just don’t wear it to the polls!!!

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