12 October 2008

Michelle Obama Tees/Hoodies

They say, “behind every great man, is a great woman”. We’re not really sure who “they” are but “they’re” right. For every Cliff, there’s a Clair. For every John F., there’s a Jackie O. For every Malcolm, there’s a Betty. For every Martin Luther, there’s a Coretta Scott. For every Fred, there’s a Wilma. And now you can add “For every Barack, there’s a Michelle” to that list of historic couples. To honor Mrs Obama, and to accompany our Barack Obama design, we’ve decided to create a design for those women who want to show their support to the woman behind “the man”. Again this is print is done using “belt printing”, so each print will be slightly different. This design also comes in three colorways, black/white, charcoal/white, purple/white. Be the first person rocking the Obama matriarch amongst your friends. It’s the stuff “envy” is made of. Trust us… we know these things.
Michelle Obama Unkommon KolorMichelle Obama Unkommon Kolor TeeMichelle Obama Unkommon Kolor TeeMichelle Obama Unkommon Kolor Hoodie

One response to “Michelle Obama Tees/Hoodies”

kellee kells said...

CORRECTION: im pretty sure Mrs.Obama
would consider herself the woman beside her man. anywho i digress
the print is awesome!! love it!!

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