30 August 2010

UNKO X Dallas Zoo

This is what happens when Unkommon Kolor, Da Affiliates, and Xclusive Society decide to randomly take a trip to the Dallas Zoo.
UNKO X Dallas Zoo

Kendrick Lamar: I Do This! artwork

I got a little bit of free time (and I do mean a LITTLE bit of free time) over the weekend and decided to do a "just because" painting on my wacom... It's been too long... I've missed it. But here's one of my new favorite artists Kendrick Lamar. Trying to play around with typography as well. The likeness isn't EXACTLY right, but it was only meant to be a quick painting. Roughly 1.5hrs of total work. Wacom and Photoshop CS3.

29 August 2010


I'm going to go ahead and say it... based on originality and complexity, this is the BEST DUNK CONTEST EVER! And they are in high school...

28 August 2010

BMF Gospel Remix

Something is severely wrong with these fools! Shout out to the homies Phil and Steve down there in Houston!

27 August 2010

9five eyewear.

These guys make the best videos. Concepts are dope. They also have the privilege to shoot with a phantom. They also make cool glasses.

9five Eyewear Presents "Who Murked Beardo?" 2010 Lookbook from Mike Metcalf on Vimeo.

25 August 2010



Actress, Amanda Seyfried. Actress, Dakota Fanning.


Singer, Katy Perry. Actress, Zooey Deschanel.

23 August 2010

Magic Las Vegas August 2010

We were in Vegas for 5 days... here is the photo documentation of those days...
Vegas Day 1
Vegas Day 2
Vegas Day 3
Vegas Day 4
Vegas Day 5

Nike Air Yeezy Sculpture

A while back we mentioned the Nike Air Yeezy sculpture that Sam... with the hair was working on. And we told you that we couldn't discuss details about the project. Well... Time has passed and we unveiled the fruit of her labor at this year's Kixpo. Full scale sculpt of a Nike Air Yeezy and painted down to every detail. From the "Y" pattern stamped on the strap to the suede finish of the upper body and patent leather finish of the aforementioned strap, this little puppy is pretty special. The sole even glows in the dark like it's wearable and slightly less cooler counterpart. It's a 1/1 and we're currently in the process of figuring out a way to mass produce them for anyone who wanted the show but wasn't able to get their hands on a pair much like ourselves!

21 August 2010

Tax Free Weekend/Back to School Sale

Tax Free Weekend is a SCAM! You spend $100 just to save $8.25. And most times stores raise their retail prices for the weekend so as to NOT lose money. But we here at Unkommon Kolor are not only taking sales tax off, we’re knocking down our prices so you can afford all the new gear you want before you head back to school!
Tax Free/Back To School SALE

Cee-Lo Green: F@ck You!

19 August 2010

The SHOT! Snapback

Painted by the REAL Jeremy Biggers on a deadstock 1997 NBA Playoffs snapback. FOR SALE!!! Contact us for price.

Grandmama Snapback

Painted by the REAL Jeremy Biggers on a deadstock Charlotte Hornets snapback. FOR SALE!!! Contact us for price.

The Sonic Snapback

Painted by Blue the Great on a deadstock Seattle Supersonics snapback. FOR SALE!!! Contact us for price.

The Phoenix Snapback

Painted by Sam... with the Hair on a deadstock Phoenix Suns snapback. FOR SALE!!! Contact us for price.

Niceguys: Mr Perfect

Directed by the homies Danny Ocean and King David!

The Niceguys "Mr. Perfect" from Evesborough Films on Vimeo.

17 August 2010

KIXPO 2010

It was TOO hot... I was never in direct sunlight, but just being in the heat for that long, I got sunburned... LITERALLY!!

16 August 2010

Departing to Vegas today.

The UK team is heading to the Magic Trade show tonite. Prepare for epicness.

15 August 2010

NBA 2K11 Official Trailer

12 August 2010


First off let us say, this isn't an official UNKO X GoodWoodNYC collaboration. We originally purchased this piece to determine whether or not we wanted to sell them on the site. We had originally planned to give the piece away through a contest on the site. But all of this was before the ordeal to finally receive the piece took place. Allow us to share the story with you.

We placed the order a few weeks before our UNKO X SHOGUN so as to have the piece for the release party. That never happened. We called to find out what the hold up was, and they told us they never received payment. We double checked our account and they were right, no money had been taken from our account. So we tried payment again. Three weeks later still nothing. So we called again. Again, they told us they never received payment. But this time we had receipt information, so we forward that info and they inform us the order fell through the cracks and they never started on the piece. Three weeks later still nothing. We call one more time. They tell us the piece was in the mail. But the same day we receive an email saying they would start the piece later that day. So, once more we call to confirm which was true... it was the latter. Three weeks later still nothing. We type a REALLY spirited e-mail about how we were a company and the piece we ordered was a sample to figure out if we wanted to order 50 to 100 more to sell to you guys, in this e-mail we state that we will no longer be placing said order and asked them to refund the money for the now infamous piece... Two days later the piece arrived in the mail. Needless to say, after going through so much to get the piece, we're not going to be giving it away. We're not saying you shouldn't order from them, their quality is unrivaled... If you're willing to wait MONTHS to get it.

Legendary Gunslinger Fitted

Brett Favre in his true essence... he'll always be a Packer in our minds. Painted by the Real Jeremy Biggers on a Reebok NFL Green Bay fitted.

LeBron Chalk 2.0 Fitted

We normally wouldn't do this since it's so close to the original LeBron fitted we did a while back, but since it's for UNKO super fan Kenny, (the same person that owns the original) we made a slight exception. Painted by the REAL Jeremy Biggers on a Mitchell and Ness Miami Heat Fitted.

Royal Flush Fitted

Painted by The REAL Jeremy Biggers on a New Era Pittsburgh Pirates 59Fifty. SOLD.

11 August 2010

Killa is Illa Shindig

UNKO x Killa is Illa


Photo by Kiddrae254


Freida Pinto


10 August 2010

Saw this on sportSCenter the other night...

KIXPO 2010

KIXPO 2010KIXPO 2010

08 August 2010

Sorelosers- Gone For Now

I spent a whole day with The Sorelosers leading up to their last show in Dallas before they made the move to LA. Twas a very epic experience. Check it out. I feel sorry for you if you weren't there. smh.

Gone for Now from Unkommon Kolor on Vimeo.

05 August 2010

Kanye West: Power

Morgarruya Birthday

03 August 2010

Dope or Nope: Supra Avenger