12 August 2010


First off let us say, this isn't an official UNKO X GoodWoodNYC collaboration. We originally purchased this piece to determine whether or not we wanted to sell them on the site. We had originally planned to give the piece away through a contest on the site. But all of this was before the ordeal to finally receive the piece took place. Allow us to share the story with you.

We placed the order a few weeks before our UNKO X SHOGUN so as to have the piece for the release party. That never happened. We called to find out what the hold up was, and they told us they never received payment. We double checked our account and they were right, no money had been taken from our account. So we tried payment again. Three weeks later still nothing. So we called again. Again, they told us they never received payment. But this time we had receipt information, so we forward that info and they inform us the order fell through the cracks and they never started on the piece. Three weeks later still nothing. We call one more time. They tell us the piece was in the mail. But the same day we receive an email saying they would start the piece later that day. So, once more we call to confirm which was true... it was the latter. Three weeks later still nothing. We type a REALLY spirited e-mail about how we were a company and the piece we ordered was a sample to figure out if we wanted to order 50 to 100 more to sell to you guys, in this e-mail we state that we will no longer be placing said order and asked them to refund the money for the now infamous piece... Two days later the piece arrived in the mail. Needless to say, after going through so much to get the piece, we're not going to be giving it away. We're not saying you shouldn't order from them, their quality is unrivaled... If you're willing to wait MONTHS to get it.

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