09 January 2010

UK College Crew

Starting the new year off with a new logo quite literally symbolizes a new beginning for us. 2009 was a great year that saw quite a bit of growth. However 2010 is going to $#!+ on 2009. We are making changes (all for the better) and we are keeping a number of the things the same. For our first release of the new year, we've gone back to our roots and decided, what makes us unique as a company is that we do it all. In true guerilla fashion, we bring to you, our first ever winter piece, the "UK College Crew". This cotton/polyester blend crew neck is PERFECT for lounging, or styling in fly $#!+... get it? FLY $#!+ ?? No? Each crew neck sweater is HAND printed by members of Unkommon Kolor and is individually numbered. This is a HYPER-limited edition release so there will only be 24 released to the public. 24... that's it. Each crew neck will come with a custom sketch, and personalized note from the member of Unkommon Kolor that printed yours. With a $29.99 price tag, what else is there left to say? BUY NOW!

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