11 October 2009

Operation: "Twitter Trending Topic" is a SUCCESS!!!

A week ago we tried to create a trending topic on Twitter and failed... miserably. But last night we got a group of us together and tried again with a more concerted effort. The result, at 4:19am Central time "#witchaweakass" broke the top 10 and made it to the Trending Topic list. After making it onto the list, it's been building steam and it now at the #4 spot! Maybe this isn't a big deal for any of you. Maybe it is. But we're really excited about it. Its crazy seeing something you started, take on a mind of its own. Looking at the list of people mentioning #witchaweakass right now, and not knowing ANY of them means one thing, Unkommon Kolor is receiving global attention right now, even if on a small scale. The earth is kinda large, if you weren't aware.



One response to “Operation: "Twitter Trending Topic" is a SUCCESS!!!”

bab Adetiba said...

fucking kudos. excellent marketing strategy. kudos once again.


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