05 October 2009


One of the benefits of being an artist, is seeing a piece of art that you MUST have, and not having to pay $10,000 to get it. The same can be said of thieves... thievery aside, for a mere $50 bucks you can create your own version of your favorite artist's work. But this way, you can customize the colors, or size of the work as you see fit. Over the weekend Unkommon Kolor's the REAL Jeremy Biggers re-created a KAWS for his front hall. Now before you condemn his actions, or "misuse" of his talents, ask yourself this question, "have you ever purchased a reprint of a famous piece of art for your own home?" Yes, that "dogs playing poker" reprint counts, and YES so do those art deco wine posters. You Garden Ridgers and Pier 1 Importers are just as guilty of hanging faux-masterpieces in your own homes, and you probably paid more than he did, so there! Now tell me you wouldn't save money and paint your own re-creations if you could... our point exactly!

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