07 October 2009

Dream Team vs Redeem Team and nem

We here at Unkommon Kolor are big on sports. We love how debating the theoretical scenarios brings out the worst in people.

"Kobe Bryant is better than Michael Jordan" "WHAT?!?! You, can't be serious!!! I will KILL you!"

So, allow us to pose a question that is sure to waste at LEAST a full day of work arguing about something no one can prove.

Who would win a game between the original Dream Team plus Reggie Miller, Isaiah Thomas, and Hakeem Olajuwon (to round out the 15 man roster) and the 15 best NBA players right now? It's difficult to say who the best 15 players in the league right now, outside of the obvious superstars in each position so we will allow you to chose the players and match them up head to head with the players on the original Dream Team (plus the aforementioned 3). Tell us who has the advantage in each match-up, and provide some supporting facts for your claim. Clearly this question would have been more relevant last summer during the Olympics, but a conversation that was had after watching the Cowboys vanish into thin air in Denver (get it? We're so witty...) made us realize we're ready for the NBA season to begin.

Let the fun begin.




Shout out to short shorts and 80s mustachioed commissioners.... and red bowties.

4 Responses to “Dream Team vs Redeem Team and nem”

Malika said...

The Dream Team. This shouldn't even be a question. Dream Team wins. Redeem Team cries

Hassan Syed said...

1992 Dream Team

David Robinson
Patrick Ewing
Larry Bird
Scottie Pippen
Michael Jordan
Clyde Drexler
Karl Malone
John Stockton
Chris Mullin
Charles Barkley
Earvin "Magic" Johnson
Christian Laettner


2008 Redeem Team

Kobe Bryant
LeBron James
Dwyane Wade
Dwight Howard
Chris Bosh
Carmelo Anthony
Chris Paul
Deron Williams
Carlos Boozer
Michael Redd
Tayshaun Prince
Jason Kidd

My opinion? in a 7 game series - Dream Team (4) - (0) Redeem Team

Guard positions -

PG - Magic Johnson / John Stockton vs Chris Paul / Deron Williams

Magic was way to versatile for these young cats..this is someone who played literally every position in his career, meaning he could handle any match up thrown towards him, and then you have someone like Stockton as the backup? sorry D-will you're one of my fav players..but you've never even been considerably "good" enough to be on the all-star team yet..by the fans or the coaches apparently (which sickens me by the way)

Chris Paul's defense isn't sharp enough to handle Magic

SG - Micahel Jordan / Clyde Drexler vs Kobe Bryant / Dwyane Wade

MJ..greatest of all time lol not really too much more to say about this convo...but I would love to see it I've seen too much of Kobe to not give him any chance at all, but for now Dream team got this one too

SF - Larry Bird / Pippen vs LeBron James / Carmelo Anthony

This one is kinda tricky...Pippen a defensive beast and pretty solid offensively...Bird very gifted offensively and defensively as well. I think this one Ill put down as a tie...I'm keeping in mind that its everyone in their prime and Melo and Bron have still some room for improvement..especially defensively

PF - Karl Malone / Charles Barkley vs Chris Bosh / Carlos Boozer

Dream Team EASILY. Oh and I would like to say...Boozer's pathetic performance reminded me of Kwame Brown...true story

C - David Robinson / Patrick Ewing vs Dwight Howard / Chris Bosh

Dream Team would kill them in the low post...Ewing would definitely take his student (Howard) to school if you wanna get creative with words


Other points:

- Dream Team played as fast as Usain Bolt eats his cornflakes

- Redeem Team was a long-term commitment, chemistry wise had a lot more time to get accustomed to one anthers game. Had Dream Team been through that type of time and commitment...its too scary to even go there

- Shaq actually got snubbed from the Dream Team. Instead no name Christian Laettner somehow made the squad.

- http://www.nba.com/features/dream_team_numbers_070807.html

- Statistical Chart Comparison - http://sports.espn.go.com/oly/summer08/basketball/columns/story?columnist=sheridan_chris&page=DreamRedeem-080825

Blue The Great said...

No way is this a blowout. If u put magic at point u win that match up but lebron would kill larry bird and is too muc of a problem for pippen. Kobe is Jordan People just dont like Kobe. Kobe is also a 1st team all NBA Defensive player. SG tie. PF Dream team wins. Center I dont know. David Robinson is nice. Yao ming is difficult to guard and Tim Duncan is a Problem and so is Shaq. No one is stopping shaq. Im not saying redeem team im sayin the best players now. would win 4-3

Hassan Syed said...

oh if its best players in this era then ye it wouldn't be a blowout...duncan and kg is a HUGE upgrade from boozer and bosh

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