09 June 2009

Unkommon Kolor Custom Work

It was brought to our attention this week as we were transferring this blog to the new address (more on that when the time is right) that we have never explained the process involved when ordering any of our custom work, ie. fitted, kicks, skatedecks or Munnys. It's a simple operation really. Sometimes we come up with the concept. Sometimes the customer requesting the work comes up with the concept. Once we've deemed the concept worthy of our time, we sketch out the design and get to work. Because shoes, and hats are so size and detail specific, we rarely (see: NEVER) customize them JUST because. Meaning, we don't start on the project until someone orders it. We don't have a stock pile of custom work just lying around waiting for people to purchase it. So by the time the photos of the product make it online they've already belonged to the requester for days, sometimes weeks.

So, how do you get your paws on you very own custom Unkommon Kolor work? 

First off, we charge $25 per hour plus the cost of materials.  If you bring us the hat, or shoes, or guitar, or whatever your "canvas" is, clearly, you'll only pay for the hours of work we put into your project.  Consider these 3 simple guidelines before placing your order.

We DO NOT work on worn or tattered items.
Unkommon Kolor takes pride in the quality of our work and agreeing to work on a less than stellar "canvas" puts the integrity of our work into question.  I know you think LeBron James would look incredible on your "lucky draws" from 7th grade and I'm sure he would, but that's just not a sacrifice we're willing to make. Besides... that's just gross, throw those away!

We NEVER paint the same thing twice.
We understand that you loved the hat we customized for your boy.  But part of what we do at Unkommon Kolor is keep things exclusive.  For example, while we may paint another Jay-Z fitted at some point, we will never paint another hat using the Black Album cover as a reference.

We WILL NOT customize fakes.
If you have the gall to wear Pear Force Ones, that's your prerogative, but we don't support fakes and will NOT paint them.  Again, our integrity is of dire importance.

We really hope this answers all your questions about our custom work.  The only thing left to do now is place your order...