01 June 2009


Its no secret that we like to get $#!+ done around here... ESPECIALLY on Mondays. And what better way to start off a month that begins on a Monday than to dedicate the entire month to getting $#!+ done. So June is now officially GET $#!+ DONE MONTH! (Still GSDM) Its your first full month out of school (unless you're doing summer school which in and of itself is getting $#!+ done so you're good) so all the things you have been putting off because of finals or projects need to get done this month! And since no one but Blue wants to watch an Orlando/ LA Finals (he's a Laker fan) you have no excuses.

To kick things off we're dedicating ourselves to creating something new EVERYDAY!!! Reread that last sentence. We're turning off the TV, logging off of facebook, throwing in the iPod ear buds and getting to work! You should check back OFTEN because not only are we posting everyday we're probably going to have to post multiple times a day to get in everyone's work. We're about to get it in! (in an awkward Jay-Z mimicked voice) "We're focused man!!!!"

Lets start with this fitted painted by The REAL Jeremy Biggers. The reference used was the Wale 100 Miles and Running Mixtape. Painted on a Black on black New Era Washington Nationals.