15 June 2009


There are few better feelings than reaping the benefits of your diligence and hard work. Over the weekend we received an e-mail, a rather lengthy e-mail, essentially showing appreciation for what we do. We thought it would be fitting to post that e-mail for you all to read. We really do love our supporters!!!

From: yvonne u.
To: Unkommon Kolor!!!
Subject: i would REALLY like you to read this thank you. kinda took me a while
before you opt to close this & never give it the light of day again, let alone read it, i'm gonna beg you not to. now, as a warning, i'm gonna try my hardest not to sound lame & wack in this message, but if i slip up and start to sound like a fan girl, pretend whatever i said that was fan girl-ish was never said. mkay? mkay.

i guess you could say this message is more like a thank you note. for what? well, put simply, for being YALL. for being unkommon kolor. & here comes a whack line, but you guys are like a breath of fresh air. & i'm not just saying that. i first heard about you guys at my long time family friend's movie night thing in december. this guy there stood up, introduced himself, & said something about blue and clothes, and something about a hat, and some common colors, or uncommon ones, i dunno. i didn't really care.

four months later, another close friend was going ooon and ooooon about yall. he was displaying what i like to call "fanboy-ish" behavior, which i usually can't stand, but i decided to check yall out anyways.

& gawdang. like i said. breath of fresh air. i blogged & myspace-bulletin-posted about yall as soon as i visited the website haha. i mean JEEZ, such talent is ridiculous. & so RARE. & it's not, like 20 states away from where i live, either. so, if i wanted to stretch it, i'm THAT much cooler by association. (haha yeeeah stretching it indeed).

anywho, people like you guys, with so much talent make me just wanna jump off a cliff & give up on life because i'll never be as good. JUST. KIDDING. i'm not THAT insecure about my work. but really. all of you have an insanely high amount of talent that, i admit, am quite jealous of. you've definitely (ugh, i hate admitting this to people) been an inspiration. well, wait, i don't hate admitting it to people, i just hate SAYING it like that because i'm sure it's so common & you get it a lot. i don't know any other way to word it though... oh well.

anyways, when i say "inspiration" i don't mean i ran out, bought some hats, kicks, tees, & paint & went crazy trying to be yall. it's more like... how yall work hard everyday to perfect your art, i guess you could call it, it made me wanna work hard to perfect mine, which is photography. & i'm no where near perfect, but in just this summer alone, i can say my photos have improved. so thanks for the nudge.

i really hope you understand what i've tried to say in this message, because if not, this whole thing was pointless. it wasn't meant to be a "hey guys! i like your stuff. keep up the good work!" comment. it was supposed to be more than that, because i think with what you guys have accomplished so far, you deserve it. it's supposed to be a real form of appreciation, because after a while, although you very well may apreciate them, those "omg, love the new shirt" comments may start to lose their value when a jillion people say it (well, they would to me, anyways).

i typed this in notepad for reasons that would take too long to explain, so sorry if anything's messed up or spelled wrong. & i kinda sorta spent some time writing this, so if you'd just let me know if you decided to read it, that'd be pretty cool. even a "we got it, & you're stupid" would work. i just wanna know this was read by someone at unkommon kolor.

& i hope this gave yall a boost & made yall feel good about yourselves just a smidget more than before reading this. even though you probably didn't need it.


And oh yeah before we forget we have QUITE a bit of stuff lined up for this summer... get ready, or get left.