26 July 2010

Unveiling the BLACK PACK

The BP Oil leak is potentially the most wide spread catastrophe in our lifetime. It has undoubtedly affected millions upon millions of people, especially those living in states bordering the Gulf. Though the leak has been stopped, it's repercussions will be felt for years to come. Unkommon Kolor has also been affected by this tragedy.

Though 2010 has been an AMAZING year for us as a brand, we are citizens of the world. We knew we wanted to make a t-shirt as a social commentary to document this tragic event, however we didn't want to go the overly political route. So, we decided to reward the fans of our brand, by re-releasing our two most popular shirts in a black color way, in a limited edition Collector's pack, the BLACK PACK.

The "Rose is a Rose" and "Dope or Nope" tees are now available in black. The first time we released these designs they sold out in a matter of days. Unkommon Kolor is about exclusivity so we won't restock these or the originals so if you missed out the first time, you'll need to cop this Special Edition. Because as always, once they are gone... they are gone forever.

The Black Pack consists of the black "Rose is a Rose" AND black "Dope or Nope" tees, in a special edition custom box. WE WILL NOT SELL THEM SEPARATELY. There are only 50 packs and they are retailing for $48.

They go on sale at MIDNIGHT tonight... 12hrs from NOW and they won't last as long as the oil leak did.

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