10 July 2010

J Dilla's Mom ♥'s Unkommon Kolor

Last week we posted a J Dilla hat we made for our friend Aaron Hardin. You see, Aaron is a keyboard player, and he was playing the "DC loves Dilla" show on Friday in Washington DC of course. He wore the hat on stage, and J-Dilla's mom saw it and loved it... Dilla's ACTUAL mom saw the hat UNKOMMON KOLOR did, and LOVED it... do you have any clue how major that is?!?! It's truly AMAZING! Little quirky stories about things like this is literally why we do what we do here at Unkommon Kolor!

One response to “J Dilla's Mom ♥'s Unkommon Kolor”

Art Apparent said...

thats truly awesome, no greater feelin as artists and fans im sure

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