06 February 2010

HTML 5 vs Flash & The New UNKO

Arif the Scientist here... to those who know me well, you'll understand where I'm coming from, but for those you who don't maybe this will give you some insight. My post today will not unveil any detail about my personal life directly, but will definitely make you consider how you look at yours. (The image above is what happens when you go to adobe.com on the new iPad.)

As many companies & brands Unkommon Kolor is revamping, redesigning and restitching the way we do everything. And although the year has only begun, there have been some major announcements in the world. A peak into my world... at the end of the year the design world grunted and complained at how the internet has become stale and lacking creativity. Social networking seems to be is a cop out for most. An automated everything is the way to go. "Can I updated my blog, twitter & facebook at the same time?! Well I want gain more friends on facebook, but I don't wanna spend time on facebook." -insert any clueless business who just wants to follow a fad.

Before I get too in depth with how ridiculous the internet has become, let me make the main point. Apple's announcement & unveiling of the iPad has caused all kinds of controversy in the design/ developer world. There are rumors that HTML5 will do away with Flash. What do this have to do with you? This is the equivalent of saying every person you know with photoshop is now a designer & every person with a Canon is a photographer. Beginners get new tools and think they can compete with pros. Why am I ranting? This has everything to do with you! Are you listening?! Children of the YouTube, facebook & general instant gratification age... if you haven't noticed, YouTube & Vimeo have already started switching over. You might not have a clue what either is, but you're being called to decide. Will you settle for what's being put out? Or will you challenge and scream no, give me more?! Apple just made a larger version of the iPhone. Without flash F*@# that piece of crap. You can't see half the websites on the internet. It's an oversized $500 iphone. Why should we pay more for mediocrity? Give us the full experience. Engage us and impress us!...

As I leave the edge of my seat & slouch back... thinking about how some will continue as they have. To them I say, keep living. One day you'll see. To those who understand, thank you for always growing and pushing the envelope. Here @UnkommonKolor (yeah I used twitter lingo), we are doing something new... moving on and taking our place in history as The Greats! Blue, Jeremy (Biggers & Campbell), Flaca, Senior Blanco, Samantha and myself Arif... we're growing & only hope you're coming with us!

Shouts to the Geniuses of Style: Texas Edition, Street Etiquette, Lookbook.uk, Early Am & definitely looking forward to the Madbury Club.

I'll leave you with that for now. Research the rest...


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