14 December 2009

Haileys Sore Losers Show

Free Loaders!!

One response to “Haileys Sore Losers Show”

Curious George said...

...is quite observant and curious as to why you guys would bleep out the "new" logo now when you guys have been showing it for a while now. Someone else had that same sweater on in an earlier edition of "Twitter Tues," not that long ago. Not to mention, I remember seeing it in you guys' "Death of the Kloud" commercial, wondering why there was a fly at the end of it (if it is a fly; it made no sense then, but of course it does now). You guys are good artists and have cool ideas, and I'm interested in seeing what you guys have in the future. Not very good at concealing info though, lol. Perhaps this was purposely done...? Has no one else noticed...?

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