27 September 2009

"You too Close"

THIS IS INSANE! There is no way I would be out here on purpose! But it makes for a cool photo and video opportunity!

From artist silverdragon on DeviantArt
You too close

The reason for the low approach and incredible close action is because this is the shortest commercial runway (almost 8 thousand ft) that the 747 lands in the world. Also, because the end of the runway features so close to a main road and beach, makes it popular for tourists and aviation nuts as well.

From Wiki:

Incoming airplanes approach the island on short final for Runway 9 flying low over the famous Maho Beach. At any other airport aircraft fly at the same altitude at that point in the approach, but other airports don't have a beach, road and a fence just beyond the runway end. Pictures of low flying aircraft were published in several news magazines worldwide in early 2000 and looked so unreal that some were even disputed as fakes. The thrilling approaches and ease of access for shooting spectacular images made the airport one of the world's favorite places among planespotters. To meet changing international and local regulations a 150 meter safety extension was required.

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Hassan Syed said...

Damn, thats pretty cool...kinda scary still lol

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