27 September 2009

Operation: Twitter Trending Topic

Today we are going to attempt to create a trending topic, and we're going to need your help along with any of your twitter friends to make that happen. The topic will be #witchaweakass. Just some QUICK examples of how to use this phrase... "You are the only person that calls yourself the Nickname you also gave yourself #witchaweakass", or "You think Swaggsurfing is a sport. And you are the Star Quaterback... #witchaweakass" or "You say you holding paper,but I think its just a mead notebook #witchaweakass". Got it? Let's get this started and see how well we do!!!

One response to “Operation: Twitter Trending Topic”

Putra said...

I really love using twitter because this is a very simple social network to be able to easily update the status whenever and wherever
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