16 January 2009

Feature Friday: Samantha Mattice-Lowery

Effective immediately there will be a new feature section here on the blog. I like cool stuff AND I like to be in the know before everyone else. Most everyone I know is the exact same way. There’s just something about saying “yeah, I knew about that years ago” once the mainstream gets a hold of it. And I am surrounded by talent in my real life so I’m going to use my blog as an avenue to help them shine a little. So, Fridays will now be known as “Feature Fridays”. Tell your friends, family, the crackhead that takes baths in the bathroom sink at the library downtown, the Arab guy at the kiosk at the mall selling jewelry cleaner, tell EVERYONE. And please don’t ask me to feature you. If I choose to feature you I’ll “have my people call your people”.

Samantha Mattice-Lowery is a student at the University of Texas at Arlington. She’s an artist in every sense of the word. She paints. She draws. She writes. She models. She sings. She can walk and chew gum at the same time. In short, she’s the dream girl you have yet to dream about. But that will change after today…

The REAL Jeremy Biggers: So, Samantha, you're the first person to be featured, how does that feel?

Samantha Mattice-Lowery: freaking amazing!

TRJB: You call yourself the "Jane of all Trades". What would those trades be exactly?

SML: my talents and hobbies things I feel I’m good at, I’m a bit of an artist, singer, writer/poet, model, goofball and just moderately cool chick all rolled into one complete package lol

TRJB: oh, sounds like you're a renaissance woman. Would you say that any one of these was your strong suit?

SML: lol would the goofball part qualify? i wouldn’t really put one above the other, I think I’m pretty good at all of them. They are all a part of me, each piece crucial in the puzzle of Sam lol

TRJB: Ok. How long have you been painting?

SML: just started in December, I never had the patience or knowledge or desire really to do so. I pretty much stuck to drawing, you draw a line in pencil or pen and it stays exactly where you put it lol. The skate decks were the first thing I've ever really painted.

TRJB: WORD?!?!?! Just less than a month? Impressive. I need to watch my back. Those skatedecks were a good look. I hear that you were inspired to do those as well as the hats by Unkommon Kolor!!! (yes that was just a shameless plug)

SML: yes very much so. Unkommon Kolor played a big role in those projects. I got the idea of the decks after seeing the Obama one they did, and of course seeing the hats I couldn’t let them have all the fun I had to try my hand at it.

TRJB: Shout out to Unkommon Kolor!!! It's no secret that you're a babe. Our male readers want to know, are you single?

SML: yes I am

TRJB: If you were in a genetics lab and they bestowed upon you the daunting task of building the perfect man, who or what would you build?

SML: a cross between Travis McCoy and Robin Thicke. Both are ridiculously talented and handsome, Travis is a bit more out there and goofy while Robin is more chill

TRJB: So you like goofy, artsy, heavily tattooed, smooth guys

SML: the tattoos aren’t a must lol but yes that’s accurate

TRJB: no tattoos? *uses pinky and index finger to smooth his eyebrows. That means I have a chance.

SML: lol yes you meet the other requirements so you're good

TRJB: In an ideal world where making money to survive isn't an issue, what would you do with your time?

SML: definitely travel, I’m a Texas girl all the way but I want to see the world, experience new cultures and learn. I would love to do what that guy on No Reservations does, travel to other countries and eat lol maybe not some of the more extreme things but it'd would definitely be an experience

TRJB: Anthony Bourdain. He's a funny dude. He's 5th place on my favorite cable white guy list. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are tied for first place. Bear Grylls is 3rd. Mike Rowe is 4th.

SML: lol definately a great list

TRJB: you strike me as a bit of a tomboy. What girly things do you like to do?

SML: lol that’s because I am a bit of a tomboy, girl things...well I love WE and Oxygen I watch all those wedding shows that come on those channels lol and I’m a sucker for a good romance novel

TRJB: YUCK! I KNEW you had a flaw!

TRJB: :)

SML: LOL! be quiet you!

TRJB: So, is there anything you would like to leave us with?

SML: some say that first impressions mean a lot but I think its the impression you leave behind that means the most, so I hope I made a good one! Keep an eye out for my upcoming projects and thanks for allowing me the honor of the first to be featured!!

TRJB: Wow, on that note I guess we need to add philosopher to that list of skills.


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