30 January 2009

Feature Friday: King David

Ever so often you meet someone that is a carbon copy of yourself. You listen to the same music. You watch the same movies and TV shows. You have similar tastes in fashion. When you meet these people the familiarity makes you feel like have known them for years. I've known this cat for literally under a couple of months and it feels like we grew up together. Allow me to introduce you to King David a Communications Senior at Prairie View University. If you live in Houston and have been to any party within the last few years, he's probably taken your picture. Unless of course you're wack. In which case you got what was coming to you (no picture, and a personal invitation to get out his face). You've probably seen his facebook videos. You've probably heard him singing around the city. You've probably seen him dancing with his crew "Illovation". If you're a model in the area you've probably shot with him. Clearly, he's "sort of a big deal..."

The REAL Jeremy Biggers: So I'm here with my man King David. Creative genius on all fronts. Where did the name King David originate?

King David: Man, I was actually named after Kind David the goliath slayer lol. My mother is very religous, and she said that was her favorite bible character. Then in high school cats always said, "yo dude you're like the king of creating things!" Light bulb... history ever since.

TRJB: So, it seems that you were destined for this. Lets just hope you aren't killing any husbands to get a Bathsheba.

KD: Ha! Ill try my best.... we all know he was tempted
KD: "Please excuse my hands" - Plies
KD: Lol

TRJB: You do everything from photography, to draw, to paint, to dance, to sing... Which of these is your favorite form of expression?

KD: Hmmm... actually number one, that wasn't listed, is acting. Theater. I let it run my life, so that and being an only child, is my fuel to always have a passion to "be" someone/thing else... I dig being the potrayer

TRJB: I knew I missed something. But that's not difficult when you're dealing with someone that does EVERYTHING.

KD: Its all good... writing too... I used to hate writing papers.. But now the words are too easy not to use
KD: So anything art. I'm down

TRJB: Who are your favorite artists? Who inspires you?

KD: I'm big on finding the origin of things.... so cats like George Seurat, da Vinci, Van Gogh, Ansel Adams and Andy Warhol is were I found inspiration.
KD: I keep it (inspiration)... by admiring Spike Lee, Denzel, Dave la Chappelle, Tony Chu... and a host of friends that just push the artisty to the limits.
KD: So they all are my favorites, and they all inspire me as well

TRJB: You're into the fashion scene as well. In a word, how would you describe your style?

KD: Spontaneous - you just never know

TRJB: Who would win a fight between Will Smith (Chris Gardner) in Pursuit of Happyness and Will Smith (Ben Thomas) in Seven Pounds?

KD: Ben thomas... all day.. Cat swam the ocean daily, gave bone morrow wit no sedatice, and took the jelly fish head on!

TRJB: Yeah, Ben would stomp a mud hole in Chris, but Chris would get up dust him self off and crunch some numbers to figure out how much he was going to sue Ben for. Lets go back to photography. What do you primarily shoot?

KD: I shoot mostly events... nuthing like a good venue or sight to make u say "wth is that?"

TRJB: True. Anything you want to shamelessly plug before we go?

KD: Shout out to my artists, my fans, the people I am fans of and friends.
KD: Shout out to the entire www.com for making this world seem a lil smaller.

Didn't get enough of King David? Check him out on his blog, or add him on facebook. (search "King David")

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