22 August 2008

The hood like to listen to Jeezy, and Weezy.... and oh yeah Yeezy

"... top 5 MCs you ain't gotta remind me/ top 5 MCs you gotta rewind me/ I'm high up on the line you can get behind me/ but my head so big you can't sit behind me..."

Like Barry Bonds, we hit another homerun with this custom hand-painted Kid Robot Munny doll. Mr Kanye West in all his splendor. They say "the devil is in the details", and if that's the case this is down right demonic. From the pattern on the cardigan, to the scarf, to the "Jesus piece" complete with ruby eyes, this piece is nothing short of a work of art. But possibly the best part of it all is the glow in the dark "Stronger" shutter shades. All of this is thanks to the one and only Blue the Great and Unkommon Kolor!!!

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GOODENess said...

my ni99a! the shades glow in the fuggin dark! that shit is stoooopid! (shuddup, I'm trying to bring it back, tell your friends and sh1t!) ok, I know I am opening myself up for major clown-age here...but ummmm...what is a "munny" doll? I mean I have seen the term before, but you how "ni99as don't know, but they front and don't ask" so I'm asking...It's the questions, boy!

A "Munny" doll is a DIY (do-it-yourself) blank vinyl doll that is manufactured by kidrobot. They have contests and gallery exhibitions based on different artists interpretations of them. So far we've done a Barack, and a Kanye, but there are a lot more in the works. Stay tuned.

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