24 August 2008

Brand new Exclusive "Hulk T"

I pity the fool who doesn't like Mr T. This limited edition Mr T/Hulk tee is a must have for any 80's babies. The print is oversized, and printed on a light weight American Apparel style shirt. One of the most notable details about this design is the gold foil applique on the earrings and chains. The back reads " you won't like me when I'm mad sucka!!!" The Men's shirt comes in 4 color ways, purple, independence red, electric blue, and black. Women's shirts also come in 4 color ways. Pink, sky blue, navy blue, and black. Just like that hideous mohawk in the top image... these shirts will only be around for a very VERY limited time. If you're lucky you may be able to get your grubby little mittens on one of these.

One response to “Brand new Exclusive "Hulk T"”

GOODENess said...

I am obviously disturbed and oddly attracted to your hideously dope Mr. T haircut (for lack of a better word) a fugggin fool!

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