20 June 2008


Tell me we you've seen something like this... The team's strong. Literally we bench press like 800 a piece... Even Flaca-deBaca. lol Me and J.Biggers doin work on these Decks Mine took like 6 hrs. his took like half of that. But We are giving both of the decks away for Free!!! Leave Comments on the blog and u might get the Decks!

Thanks UK


Anonymous said...

Yo, man, you guys' work was shown to me by a friend and I can't get over how skilled and creative you guys are! From hand painted kicks to skateboard decks you guys are doing the most! Keep up the work and let me know where I can cop some gear! I cant decide which one I like better! The CRS one is fresh to death cuz I love them but the logo bored is tight as hell.

-Devin T

GOODENess said...

I am BEAMING like a freshman at senior prom over here! alright... I already e-love JBIGG's work (fuggin bananas) and now he has strong competition...lol...I have an infinite affinity for all things creative and original...ask our boy BIGG... the CRS joint had me calling my own name "Oh My GOODENess!!!" I am a connoisseur of SHIT THAT IS DOPE-A-LICIOUS AS HELL! I put the following statement on his blog too...but as half of this DOPE-ASS-DUO, I had to copy and paste my initial reaction to the piece from his joint...GREATNESS!

"I am sitting here in fuggin AWE! like shaking my head with a HUGE smile on my face! you know how much I admire the visual arts and the creative process to bring soul's art to fruition! MAN! HOLD UP! It's hard to explain...it's arousing...stimulating...and not ina sexual way...in a sensual way! my senses are on overload watching something be molded from obscurity to DOPENESS UNTOLD! I can't even type anymore... I am logging out...and going home..."

(drops the MIC and walks off stage)

ttyri11 said...

OK... so where else do i leave a comment... i have said all i need to say about the video lol it really speaks for itself NOW GIVE IT TO ME!!!! thanks... thats all

Yo-Yo said...
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Yo-Yo said...

Hello just giving you guys the props you deserve the line and the talent is great keep it up. I just want to know if I win who will teach me how to skate board? :) Be easy

Anonymous said...

The graphics and art are superb! My friend Tiffany told me to check you guys out. My husband would kill to ride one of your boards!

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