04 April 2010

Pharrell, The Real Thing & doing what you love

props herfection

Arif the Scientist here... against my normal philosophy about blog posting, I'm reposting this video. It's not for shear coolness, or the fact that (although true) it's a word from an artist that I've been yearning to hear from. Listen to what he says from 1:34 to 2:18 and from 6:40 on... Loving what you do should be the reason you do it. "It's sort of what you put in it. Often times people want to be perceived a certain way, and they're not really the real thing. But if you're the real thing, you're the real thing... My point to you is, everybody wants to be the winner, but no one wants to run the race. And it's the race running that makes you the real thing..." -Pharrell

Here at UNKO we run the race. Slow and often. Perfecting our craft and delivering the best of ourselves to you. Whatever the real thing is... we're being true to ourselves, and true to you.

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