09 August 2009

Unkommon Kolor: "What's Going On" Fitted

There are two sides to every coin. A head. A tail. A good. A bad. Like many of us, Marvin Gaye was one such coin. His extraordinary career matched his extraordinary life, a mixture of blessings and banes, dazzling success and inscrutable pain. His biography and discography are twin reflections of the same dualty: the artistic and personal struggle to heal the split between head and heart, flesh and spirit, ego and God. Meanwhile, his music lives on for the pleasures of its beauty and the marvel that was Marvin's voice. He was as individual and "unkommon" as they come. This hat is our tribute to the man. The Myth. The Legend. The "What's Going On" Fitted is brought to you by The REAL Jeremy Biggers. (Shout out to everyone that came to watch him paint this live)