20 February 2009

Feature Friday: The Varsity's Samy Rox

Whether it's a magazine cover or an ad within it's pages. Or a silver screen appearance or a hot new mixtape, The Varsity's Samy Rox is etching out her place in this world of entertainment. She's taken time out of her unbelievably hectic schedule to answer a few of our questions.

The REAL Jeremy Biggers: When did you realize you were destined to be a musician?

Samy Rox: Wow, I've been singing since I was about 6 years old in church. Seems like almost everyone gets started there huh? (laughs) Anyway, I realized when I probably entered my Highschool, The illustrious "Arts Magnet" that I was destined to do what i loved forever. Arts [Magnet] gave me a sense of individualism, as well as confidence in my "Art" because I was able to exercise it everyday for 4 years and grow from it.

TRJB: You've been seen in Jet and Ebony, and on the cover of Jaye as a model, you were seen in Big Momma's House 2 along side Martin Lawrence as an actress. Are you laying a foundation for a career after music?

SR: Definitely, I enjoy all aspects of the Arts, they all go hand in hand. I've been blessed with so many opportunities. I'm also the Signature Model for Luster's Hair Products. The face of their "Renutrients" line. That was incredible opportunity. I'm actually in the works of doing a Susan G. Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer ad. I honestly never stop, I'm always taking any opportunity that presents itself.

TRJB: Sounds like you're a busy woman, and that your face could pop up any where... If I'm in the grocery store and see you on a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch though, you've gone too far!

SR: (laughs) What if I have a little sticker head or Samy action figure in the box?? Joking... I wouldn't go that far.

: You're currently working with a group called The Varsity. Since the other members weren't able to make it (do to technology limitations on my end), do you mind introducing everyone?

SR: There are four of us, myself, Samy Rox: Vocalist, Songwriter. And three guys, J. Royal: Lyricist and Writer, Clarke: Lyricist and Writer and Hogan: our Super Producer, Writer, Lyricist and sometimes he even sings with me. We have just released The Varsity Mixtape hosted by DJ Don Cannon with incredible artwork designed by the one and only Jeremy Biggers/Unkommon Kolor. You did an incredible job dude!

TRJB: Why thank you for that plug. You're the resident female artist in an otherwise male group. What is your role in The Varsity?

SR: I am indeed the "first lady" of The Varsity. I am the Vocalist, I do a little flowing here and there but I mainly stick to just enhancing our songs with beautiful melodies. I also write, and when performing of course being the only female has a big advantage there.

TRJB: How so?

SR: Not only am I eye candy for the men. But I'm surrounded by these three guys who are 6'2 and up. I'm 5'3. With heels 5'6 maybe 5'7. So the energy that these guys possess is off the meter. I have to match that energy times ten and I believe [me] I'm rather successful.

TRJB: Ok gotcha. So, The Varsity isn't your first "band member" attempt. What happened to those other groups, and why did you decide to leave? How did they prepare you for where you are now?

SR: No The Varsity isn't my first band. I was apart of a band a few years ago called WaterSeed. I left because I realized that I had to do what I felt was true to me. I enjoy Neo-Soul but it's not the only type of music I love. Being apart of that band was a great experience and it definitely made me feel even more comfortable performing on stage and entertaining, and great friendships were formed but I had move forward and I was led to The Varsity.

TRJB: You mentioned being "eye candy for the men", are there any risque photoshoots in the works, or are you just planning to leave that sex appeal on stage and out of print?

SR: I'm a big workout fanatic. So its only natural that Im going to want to show off my little abs. (laughs) But honestly not much more than that. I'll leave it on stage. Sex appeal is a state of mind, thats what Samy Rox embodies.

TRJB: So you won't be getting your Miley Cyrus on any time soon... How'd you get the name Samy Rox?

SR: (laughs) Poor Miley... Well, it originally started as a song that I was writing. My nickname has always been Sam/Samy due to my last name (Sampson) and even though [my last name] has the "p" it still symbolizes strength to me. But that's beyond the point. I was working on a song titled "Samy Rocks" and a little light bulb went off. Hmm...I like that name, I remixed it a little with Rox. It looks cool with the "X" don't you think?

TRJB: of course... it's like a treasure map... or Malcolm... or lazy people's Christmas cards.

SR: yea...exactly...

TRJB: The Varsity is an Atlanta based group with members from all over including Dallas, and New Orleans. Although all of these cities are in the South, they all have very distinct sounds. How would you describe your sound? Would you liken it to anyone else past or present? (hybrids are ok too)

SR: Well we naturally get compared to The Fugees just because of the female and guys type of group. But honestly our sound is so different. Because we are all from the same region there are some songs that definitely have that Southern flair. But its a mixture of so much. There are four of us and that means four different personalities and taste in music... and influences.

TRJB: So, that makes you Lauryn Hill... those are some pretty big shoes to fill. Can you explain your affiliation with Janelle Monae and her influence on what you all are doing right now and where you're headed?

SR: Yea, definitely some big shoes to fill...Lauryn is a legend. I love her. Janelle and the Wondaland Arts Society are just amazing individuals. Congratulations to her once again for her Grammy Nomination. Such a big accomplishment and she has not even released her full length album yet. That is definitely inspiration for us to continue to push and like her, stay true to what we love and share it with the fans. Being different isn't a bad thing, its what separates you. We, like Janelle, are different with our music.

TRJB: so what does The Varsity have in store for us in the near future? Any upcoming shows you'd like to mention?

SR: Definitely, we will be making an appearance at Dillard University's Springfest in New Orleans. We will also be performing at Sugarhill in Atlanta, GA if you are there catch the show its gonna be bananas. And a very special performance coming up in New York where we will be opening for a Major Artist. Extremely excited about that!

TRJB: No hints on who what major artist will be?

SR: (smiles) Well...he definitely has made a HUGE impact on Hip Hop, although being controversial at times, he has still maintained. That's all I can say!

TRJB: I guess we will have to live with that.

Download The Varsity's Mixtape here for free. Add them on Myspace!


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