08 September 2008

Leather in the Summer/Silk in the Winter/ this is such an art, where do I beginna?

Andre 3000 aka Possum Aloysius Jenkins aka Dookie Blossumgame III aka Funk Crusader aka Love Pusher aka Cupid Valentino aka Dre aka Ice Cold aka Benjamin Andre aka Binhamin aka Johnny Vulture aka Chamello Salamander aka 3 Stacks aka Sunny Bridges aka Percival aka Jeremiah Mercer aka Dabu aka Clarence "Coffee Black" Malone.

No matter what moniker he chooses to go by, Andre Lauren Benjamin is easily one of hip-hop's most grossly underrated talents. From his clever word play to instrumentation to painting to thespian endeavors he is the quintessential renaissance man. If anyone deserves to be immortalized as a Munny doll its him, and who better to do the immortalization than us here at Unkommon Kolor. Needless to say this is a one of a kind, hand painted, and sculpted doll. You won't find the furry pants or shoulder pads in any stores, they were both custom made specifically for this doll. That of course means they are the only ones in the world! Do you know how large the WORLD is? It's just about one of the largest places i have ever lived. Unless you count those years on Saturn.... Its not as gaseous as people think... But the government swore me to secrecy on that mission and I've already said too much. Forget what I just said and enjoy this Munny.

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